X Phone: Show The Difference

Apple and Samsung one with the its clean and real time touch features and one with the largest platform of selling mobiles, are not going to let anyone count over them on any feature, and are against each other to gain the market. But in this fight and competition they can’t forget others who are also there t take the way of glory and recent news have confirmed that X phone is going to be launched by Motorola and Google which will be a great hit to  the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S.

What are the features that are going to make a nice and smooth way for this phone in the market? What is there in this phone that makes it unique? There are many questions which are playing with the minds of people as well as the top brands and that’s why it is the centre of attraction. It might unexpectedly prove to be a device that will be a choice of people.

Features expected to come

  • There is always a problem with mapping in other devices but according to news one of the top men of Google is working to take it to a new level of experience for the people.
  • If we go with news a new feature of bendable screen can create a new era of phones which will have less or no damage to the phone.
  • A high level of software development and use of ceramics features which means addition of new colors for people who love to have high definition phone with a high range of colors and graphics.
  • Viewdle a new feature of imaging and gesture recognition a nice concept and a idea how to attract the attention.
  • There is a rumor that the battery life of this phone is incomparable to any other devices by any brands as a special team has contributed in making it go for a longer time if so it will catch the customers.

Aim and Unexpected ideas with unexpected things

  • Concept of bendable screen which means people don’t have to bother about the screen much and a new innovative idea in the field of phones.
  • Google and Motorola working together as the news said that Google is not ready to launch tablets with Motorola and within some days news have taken a U turn.
  • Aim at hitting the market share of Google and apple which is looking good so far as the phone has made a place in people’s mind.
  • This X phone is going to get a look of a tablet which means features of phone are also available in tablet.

Entertainment: Here you go

  • With addition of ceramics feature one can except that level of color combination is going to touch the heights which will help in camera picture quality and will enhance the feature of photo editing.
  • According to people this will take the games to a new level with its high resolution and higher graphics configurations.

So far so good the rumors are playing a vital role in minds of iPhone technology and they must be thinking how to tackle this new device. People are very much eager for the hardware specification after hearing about the unique features of this phone. If these are the entertainment source till now one can expect that the hardware features will be the stand alone for this new phone. Google is taking the advantage of the skills and work of Motorola and spending its best people and best ideas on this phone to make it a grand success.