Work Smarter not Harder with Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar can be defined as a virtual to do list. It helps one to be accountable to dates and plans that have been decided in advance. Your work priorities become far more manageable with the help of an editorial calendar.

The need of the hour is to work smarter and not harder. Below are listed some ways in which one can work in a smarter way with an editorial calendar.

Day planner vs. Word Planner

For those belonging to the old school of thought, a day planner could do the job. However, owing to the limitations of the physical calendar, all the essential events cannot be covered in the calendar.

Times have changed and for those working in the digital age, a virtual calendar with Microsoft Excel, Outlook and WordPress can help organize the thoughts in a better manner. You will be able to send alerts for upcoming events and have additional space for ideas, notes and resources. The uses of cloud based resources too need to be considered as one can manage work from any location, irrespective of the physical presence of the user. By going in for any of the above listed option one will be able to work smarter with an editorial calendar and manage things in a more organized manner.

WordPress plugins

For those using WordPress, a range of plugins are available that organize posts that can be published at a given point of time. Some of the innovative plugins that can be considered are Stresslimit Editorial Calendar, Edit Flow and Future Post Calendar. Pick an innovative option of the listed choices and you will be able to work in a smarter way helping manage your work eventually in a better manner.

Google Docs

Google documents offer unlimited space, multiple tabs, personalized color options and also helps one build creative platform that can be easily shared with others in the loop. For people hard bent with time to share their calendar with other colleagues, Google document is an excellent way of sharing and connecting. You will need to spend minimal of time designing the same and even less of time sharing the same with others in your professional circle.

Get innovative and move ahead by posting more than topic and post date in the Google documents. The more details you add to the Google Documents, better are the chances of your work being organized.

Betaout Editorial Calendar

An innovative way of managing your work smartly is the editorial calendar offered by Betaout’s ContentCloud. It is SaaS solution for digital agencies and publishers managing medium to large team of content contributors. Whether you are a beginner or an enterprise in content development, your efforts require a killer editorial calendar. Betaout offers a comprehensive editorial calendar to manage the blog posts in an organized manner. One can easily filter by in-progress, published and overdue posts. Build specifically for content marketers, the platform lets you handle multiple content contributors and helps to plan and implement your editorial strategy effectively.

This editorial calendar automates the entire process of content creation. You do not need to switch between different software’s to update the status of your content like updating your Google docs for every new article, but the entire process is automated in ContentCloud. All you need to do is select your desired start date and publishing date for any article, select the deadlines for individual writer and Betaout’s editorial calendar will automatically get updated with every progressing stage article. One can save a lot of time and also do not require any need of input from the user’s side to know the current progress of article.


An editorial calendar is the best thing that can happen to a professional. Be open to changes, work smarter and earn appreciation for your efforts. It has definitely worked out for me. Do let me know what changes the editorial calendar has made in planning your content strategy.

About The Author: Claudia is a writer/blogger. She loves writing travelling and reading books. She contributes to Devrover