Why You Should Know About Voxweb – The Future of images

Images are known for quite some time. Right from its advent in the 19th century, it has gone through a lot of structural changes. The problems that a black and white picture was marred of was successfully overcome with the color pictures. Yet there were quite a few things that needed a rework. And Voxweb has so far successfully fixed them. For instance, now you can add an audio message to the images. And when you add an audio the image. You allow more resources for the recipient to decode the message.

This technology is akin to digitalization of vinyl records. Just like the way it added exponentially improved the number of options that users — by and large — had. Voxweb provides a completely different solution to image sharing.


The app is easy to use, and the audio images are distinctly marked with an orange line. Ever since its inception, it has been embraced by numerous users who swear by its promise to reform the existing way of image sharing. It is available for free download on both Android and apple Smartphones.

The main reason why many people are betting big on this app is the fact that people do not have a pragmatic choice between images and videos. Therefore, at times, it becomes very difficult to make the right choice, and people either end up sharing less (through images) or by committing a lot of resources (through videos). This app allows an alternate route thereby helping people to get the best of the balance.

It is estimated that hundreds of millions of images are uploaded on each social media platform every day. If social media embraces this then, it would account for a significant share of the shared images. Frequent uploading and image sharing of lightweight images make it easy for users to embrace this new concept.

Just like how the internet was a trend that people ought to know in the 90s, and Android in the later part of last decade, audio images are now the true trend that is likely to garner a lot of fanfare. A lot of users are switching onto the new age image sharing.

You ought to know this new age image capturing and sharing because it is bound to save you a lot of time that you otherwise spend in captioning and all.

Voxweb is available for free download on Apple and android platforms, and there is no charge for capturing and adding audio to the image.

Voxweb enables easy sharing and capturing images with innovative technique. It has an algorithm that compresses the amount of space it takes without compromising on quality.  Voxweb is making headways into social, and internet lives of the users, and the trend is bound to continue.

If you really need to know something happening right now on the internet, then this should flare at the very top of your list.