Why Secure Computing Will Be The Most Important Aspect of Future IT products

As mobile computing devices replace desktops, computers become further integrated into our lives, and we drift into uncharted territories. From individuals to organizations, everyone prefers to save their data online, whether they are cloud server for companies or Dropbox like services for individuals. Data security is all the more important. Privacy of this data will be the central issue facing I.T. in the next decade.

The importance of data, especially personal data cannot be stressed enough. At one point in time, standalone PCs used to be secure as communication with other computers was limited. However, now almost all mobile devices are connected online which presents the security issue in a new light. Most people have got their contacts, addresses, bank details, messages and photos on their devices. But if you use Facebook or other social application through your phone such information is less secure. Download Facebook and notice that when you next update your status, your location will automatically be tagged.
secure mobile computing

Features such as geo-tagging record where you have been. Apple, last year, was blamed for storing information where one could see where one had been, effectively tracking movements of users. Moreover, loopholes in Android and iOS have already been spotted making identity theft a very real issue.

However, this is not true for all mobile operating systems. A threat management firm, Trend Micro, conducted tests on all mobile operating systems rating BlackBerry OS 7 as the safest with 2.89 points while Apple’s iOS rated 1.70 as the second safest.

BlackBerry has been praised for their security on multiple occasions. The British and American governments have also authorized the BlackBerry devices to be used officially on the basis of being most secure. This is because of BlackBerry’s use of independent protocol to encrypt data. BlackBerry’s success in the business world is largely due to its secure operating system.

Thus, information security is believed to attract the limelight in the near future as the proportion of data stored on external servers grow.

Laura is a technology expert from London, who writes on mobile, social media and Facebook.