What You Should Look For While Buying a Bath Towel?

Bath towel is an important thing and is mostly ignored by most of the people. Bath Towels are directly associated with the hygiene of the body and should not be ignored. SaaSoh.com and many other websites have a various collection of a good variety of bath towels. Towels not only should be absorbent but the look and the feel of the towels should also be of optimum quality. Here are some aspects to look for when buying a bath towel.

  1. Fabric

The fabric of the towels is measured with grams per square meter (GSM). The thicker the fabric, the heavier the towel will be. Lower GSM towels are thinner and lightweight and so are ideal for gym or beaches. Higher GSM towels are great for your own bathroom use.

  1. Absorbency

The ability of the bath towel to absorb the water is very important. The thicker the towel, the higher the absorbency. But, the bath towels that are thick, take longer to dry than the thinner once. Towels made of Egyptian or Pima cotton and premium cotton brands are quite absorbent, and the towel that is made with rayon absorbs even more water than cotton.

  1. Softness

We all long for a beautiful and soft towel. But have you noticed that the bath towels feel softer in the stores while buying and only after a few washes, they become hard? Actually, most of the manufacturers coat the towels with fabric softeners to give them a softer feel that last only till 2-3 washes. If you want to buy a bath towel that remains soft even after that, then try buying towels made from rayon. These fabric towels are usually soft. Another option could be the bath towels made from Pima or Egyptian cotton. The yarn of these fabrics is smooth and silky. Though you can use a liquid softener to keep your towels soft, these softeners leave a film that reduces the towel’s absorbency and increases irritation when contacted with the body.

  1. Durability

When we talk about the durability, it is a well-known fact that the better the quality of the towel, the more it will last. The quality is known by the ply of the towel. Two-ply towels are more durable than the one ply towels. Cotton Towels or Cotton + Polyester towels are more durable and stronger than the Rayon one.

  1. Color and Style

This aspect is generally ignored while buying a bath towel but it plays a crucial part in the interior of the bathrooms. Bath and hand towels can add the warm, finishing touch to a bathroom. So, either you should buy towels of contrast color, or you can also try fun color or pattern. You can also buy the towels according to the seasons, for example, bright colors in summers and dark colors in winters. And, if you want to give your bathroom a classic and timeless look, then white towels are the best.

Notes On Care

Our bath towels absorb a lot of dirt and body oils and should be washed frequently to be kept clean and hygienic. But don’t use harsh detergent as they can damage the fabric of the towel. Before using a new towel, always wash them first. This will ensure that the towel is clean and also improve the absorbency. We also suggest you not to use fabric softeners as they can create stiff texture. Now, we hope this little guide will help you get a bath towel that will be both stylish and comfortable.