What is Calibration and Why is it Important?

Well, if you have been using the measuring instruments for your business, you should have heard about Calibration. Wondering what is calibration and why is it important? Let us check out what Calibration is and why is it so important to take care of it.

What is Calibration?

Calibration is, by definition, a process of comparing a reading from a measuring instrument to that on another equipment that has already been calibrated. In fact, a measuring instrument, when calibrated, is referenced to a known set of parameters with respect to that particular set of measurement. When you calibrate an equipment to a particular reference, the reference in itself should be traced to the national Standard.

The calibration does serve two purposes. One of them is to check the accuracy of your instrument with respect to a standard and helps you trace its measurement. Yet another aspect is repairing the measuring instrument if it is out of calibration.

In fact, there are several companies involved in the calibration of your equipment. Choose a company that pays close attention to the exact requirements you may have. One prime example for such service includes atlanticscale.com. they offer you multiple range of services including full maintenance schedule and installing a statistical data collection system.

Why is Calibration So important?

Well, your measuring instruments will not continue offering you the same level of service for a prolonged time. The accuracy is bound to degrade over time. The major reason for this is the climatic wear and tear. Apart from the natural wear and tear, there can be other reasons for the environment that the instrument is used. Some prominent examples are magnetic effects, oils, metals, and chips.

The degradation of accuracy may vary over time. Some instruments lose accuracy within a shorter span of time, while some others can offer you trouble free service for a prolonged period of time. If you want to stay reliable to your clients and customers, your measurements need to be accurate. The crux of the matter is the calibration helps you improve the accuracy of your instrument, while the accuracy will help you improve the quality of the product or service you are dealing in.

When Should you Calibrate Your instruments?

That would be something on the lines that the instrument manufacturer recommends. Of course, apart from the manufacturer recommendations, you would also need to pay attention to a few other factors as well.

Some ideal conditions that you would need to calibrate your measuring instruments include

  • As per the recommendations from the instrument manufacturer
  • At periodical intervals. The exact interval would be dependent upon the type of the instrument under consideration. It can be annually, quarterly and monthly.
  • After any mechanical or other kinds of shocks.

Please note that the calibration is an important responsibility you cannot avoid as a responsible business. The costs you would incur for the handling the risks associated with an uncalibrated instrument would be substantially more than the costs you would incur for calibrating your instrument. Lack of compliance can lead to the loss of reputation for your business. In some cases, it can even lead to closure of your business.

The Concluding Thoughts

We assume we have been able to drive home the point about the importance that calibration carries in your business. Never underestimate the importance of calibration and make the best use of the technology by opting for the reliable service provider.