Top Myths About Engineering Career That Need to be Debunked

There are two kinds of engineers in the world; the ones who are really passionate about inventions, making things and creating history, and the ones who are pushed into this supposed “underworld.” Yes, the students who are pursuing engineering and those who are not, very conveniently tag this very misunderstood subject as a lair of Satan, himself. Engineering as a career is not a nightmare, and we are going to burst your bubble of myths about engineering as a profession through this article.


1. Engineers lack creativity and skills

Most of the people who have no relation at all with engineering think that engineers are merely puppets, living their professional life on someone else’s terms. Well, that’s not true. Engineering, if done passionately, can create renowned artists. Yes, engineering is an art that requires skills beyond theory. The bridges and the flyovers that you drive on, the machines that we use every day, even the phones and the computers that you’re reading this article on, require hard efforts of these artists disguised as engineers.

2. Engineers are geeky and boring

You really have to meet all the engineers of the world to give that statement. Just because a few writers portray engineers as geeks in their books, to make their work more of commerce and less of literature, doesn’t mean that all of them are geeks. There is more to engineering than what meets the eye. Inventing is not boring. Engineers may surely be nerds, but geek is a completely different label.

3. Engineering is tough

Engineers are humans, which means anyone can do it. It’s really important to motivate yourself before opting for engineering. The only reason engineering can be tough is because you are not pushing yourself to that level, which is the case in every profession. Be it journalism or even singing, for that matter.

4. Engineers are unemployed

This is the biggest myth of the century regarding engineering. A million and a half students pass out from engineering in India, every year, after clearing competitive exams such as JEE Main and JEE Advanced exams, and engineering exams apart from JEE, for some of the second and third tier engineering institutes of the country. Fewer get hired. You may ask, why this happens. The answer is clear. For a firm to hire an employee, it requires something called practical knowledge and well, grades. Now, very few students actually pass out with good grades. Why would a firm hire someone who hasn’t worked hard in college? Who would guarantee an average student’s performance progress? Again, this happens not only in engineering but in every field.

5. Engineering is frustrating

Try working in a call centre and you will know what real frustration is. Where there is work, there is a deadline and where there is a deadline, there is pressure, resulting in frustration. Again, tell me one job that is not frustrating. Being an engineer is like being an actor.  You have to keep showing what you are capable of. You have to keep proving yourself, time and again, because there is tough competition out there. If you’re choosing a heavily crowded field like engineering, you must be ready to face the competition. There is no field, anywhere, that is not frustrating.

6. Engineering makes you antisocial

Would you choose people over books? Logically, if you dunk yourself in books, lots of books, will you have the time to reply to silly, “Hi. What’s up?” messages? You would choose knowledge over gossip, wouldn’t you? There is so much to learn in engineering that engineers just don’t have the time to spare. If you really want to be successful in your field, it’s important to have complete knowledge about everything. Not only students but when you start working, too, you get to learn and gain so much through practical knowledge and experience. Hence, you realize you have another life. A professional life. An independent life. And once you realize that, all your myths shall be resolved and factualized.