Top Features of Jellybean OS

Android has become the need of the hour and every update bring about innovative features accompanied by numerous software tweaks. After the huge success of Ice Cream Sandwich, the next iteration that hit the store is as sweet as it gets. Dubbed as Jelly Bean, the Android version 4.1 was launched in July 2012 and instead of jumping to new iteration, Google took a rather cautious approach by fielding minor updates 4.1.1, 4.1.2 and finally 4.2.2 till date. As we are surrounded by the rumours about the version 4.3, we can start digging a little deep about what the Jelly Bean version has to offer for the droid-lovers.

First look

Jelly Bean is all about speed and simplicity. The Project Butter from Google has made Jelly Bean as smooth as butter. It has made the android phones simple, beautiful and beyond smart. The camera has some major tweaks, keyboard features are more intuitive, Google now has exceeded many added features and much more.

Photo Sphere

Have ever thought of being able to capture the entire view your favourite locations? The Photo Sphere offers you what you have craved for long. The panoramic view is good, I agree but is no match for what the latest Jelly bean update can do. You can snap the entire 360 view of what’s around you .You are not done yet .It can be shared using Google plus and you can show off. Wait, it’s possible to add them to Google Maps!

Good work, Google.


Gesture typing

Typing is something that android users were able to enjoy every time as there has been a number of different apps that enabled smoother, faster and easier operation and the standout app among is the Swipe Keypad which comes preloaded in many devices. We can glide our fingers over the keypad passing over the letters and we are good to go. When we lift the finger space will appear automatically. Suggested wording will appear and we can select what we meant to type.

Android dictionaries have become more relevant and accurate and the speech-to-text feature has improved drastically that makes the voice typing better than ever. It can be used anytime; you don’t need to be online to make use of this facility.

Google Now

We have seen an awful lot of what Google now can offer in the version 4.1 itself. In the latest update, the virtual assistant from Google, which goes by the name Google Now, may serve as your perfect assistant. It is close to you, just a swipe away in the up direction. For instance you will be updated about the weather even before your day starts. It also saves you the location relevant data to you like the popular spots close to you or the information about movies running near to you.

As for now, Google Now includes cards for flights, weather, translation, places, sports, currency, public transport and a few more. You may call it as a less noisy version of Siri. But it is far from perfect.


Google exactly knows how important notifications are for the users and in the Jelly Bean they have done just that. Notifications are available straight from the drop down menu. Apart from reading messages and showing the missed calls that is customary in previous versions, you can call back quickly with the help of the call back button. You can also expand the notifications by a downward two finger swipe. The top notification will be expanded by default, providing different available actions.

For built in apps like Gmail, we can have a quick preview of what is inside. A grid button is provided which flips the notification tab around and a host of quick settings will be revealed, a facility that once were provided only by launchers.

Android Beam

Android Beam first saw the light of the day in Ice Cream Sandwich, but was somewhat limited due to limited NFC capabilities. But in Jelly Bean, the Android Beam has reached its prime, thanks to a lot of devices that supports NFC.

Apart from sharing photos and videos with a simple tap, we can also share contacts, web pages or even links to apps. We can also pair many NFC-enabled Bluetooth devices like speakers, headsets etc. with our phone by just tapping them.


There many other features like multiple user profiles which is aimed at tablets, the Day Dream feature, improved Maps, Face Unlock etc. But for me it seems like Google is playing a catch up game. A closer look will force us to think that many are just a polished version of what we have already seen in iOS 6.

Even then the ‘Project Butter’ has enabled Android to be as fluid and slick as the Apple counterparts and the notification features are at the top of the game. A better ‘Google Now’ would have enhanced the reputation but it is a thing for the future. Jelly Bean is a must try for android fan boys provided your device is upgradable.

Author Bio – Sunil Khale

The author is a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and has since devoted his time to blogging with PriceCheckIndia, where you can find the latest Samsung Tablet price as well as the best price for a number of other electronics goods.