Top 7 Must Have iPad Apps

iPad apps have the quality to gel with your daily routine. There is a large list of amazing iPad apps in the field of news, media, video, sports, music, utilities and many other spheres. iPad provides you with the apps to read Web while sitting, watch movie on a train, read in complete darkness and many other useful apps. Here is a lit of few must have iPad apps: 

1. News360

The scale of this app is simply amazing. It has an access to more than 20,000 variants of news sources. You can even customize the feeds. The app presents the content automatically the moment you enter into your social media account. It is a free app.

2. Groove Maker

It is a free app which converts your iPad into a looping, amalgamating and beat building control pad. There are some tracks which are available for free. You can export your phat beats. It is one of the best and groovy app for your iPad.

3. Zinio

It is an amazing super amazing magazine app on the iPad. You can get an easy access to millions of magazines, audios, high definition images and videos and interactive extras.  It holds a lot of stuff in it – the Rolling Stone, The Economist, Harper’s Bazaar, BusinessWeek, Car and Driver, Dwell, MacWorld, National Geographic, Sporting News, Nylon, and Spin. It gives full access to e- mags which costs about $5. Other than this, it also gives you access to hundreds of free content. It is the best way to read a magazine on iPad

4. Flipboard

It creates a customized virtual magazine from RSS feeds, tweets from Twitter and other sources of data. It is an excellent way to follow contemporary occasion and topics in relation to a class.

5. Paper

This app is a joy to use on your iPad. It is a simple app which turns you iPad into a sketch board. It is a premium app with intuitive functionality. It has pencil, water color, marker, paintbrush and ballpoint. It has undo gestures along with attractive here and little touches. It features share tool for social sharing.

6. Evernote

Every iPad user would agree with this app. It is a very important app for organizing ideas, syncing files with computer and saving documents. You can write down your ideas in the form of text, photos and audio clips. It has some amazing features like searching for texts from images and saving files in favorites. It allows you to edit and remove tags, show latest searches in the tab, see saved searches and includes geo location data for reference.

7. Weather HD

It displays the weather conditions along with the complete weather forecast for many cities. You can adjust it brightness with one tap.


Thus, these are the few must have apps for an iPad user. However, the best one would be Evernote as it not only stores and saves data but also allows syncing with other devices. The other apps are equally important.

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