Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress

Web-management is the latest buzz in the e-world for any basic thing, starting from business promotions to blogging. WordPress launched in 2003 as a blogging tool is now the one of the most cherished website content management system (CMS). Its user-friendly applications, manuals and latest updates keep its valuable customers on the gainer end. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should use WordPress. Check out these lucrative attributes to get yourself directed towards the amazing world of web and web blogs.


1. Instant website update with installation and SEO back up

Just an internet connection and a browser and you are through the WordPress. There is no demand for HTML coding and an internet expert. You just need a good web host to download it first. Selecting an ideal one may be daunting, but WordPress demands minimum requirement in the field of web hosting as it is compatible with most of the web hosts. After selecting the host, just visit the site, download the software, install it and then get started to take help of its features and instruction to set up your own website. If you are willing to customize your website then it will direct you accordingly. It alone is capable of backing up more than 10 SEO issues. With SEO in your favor, your website gets maximum hits and drags more attention by your side.

2. WordPress app is heavenly for blogging

Blogging when done with WordPress is a great experience as it comes with better ways of posting and staying updated. WordPress for iOS and WordPress for Android are apps which allow the users to post, upload recent and relevant pictures, edit pages and to manage the comments on the blog while they are on the go. All these can be done over iPhone, iPad or iPod with a delicate touch of your fingertips. With an assured support from self-hosted WordPress and, users of all professional backgrounds can easily manage and control their blogs. With Android phone, you will get built-in notifications to manage, comment and to edit the posts in your blog.

3. Excellent professionally upgraded themes for web designing

WordPress eliminates the excess cost burden of hiring a professional web designer. The default themes and plugins available in WordPress are up to the mark and are in sync with the latest market demands. These plugins are the gateway towards widgets. Without a doubt, widgets are one of the best features of WordPress. The beauty of widgets lies in the overall simplicity of the widget interface. To get a first-hand display of a widget on your website, all you need to do is activate the plugin, drag the widget to the appropriate widget zone, and then configure the widget accordingly. This drag and drop interface further simplifies the design process by eliminating the demand of modifying theme templates. There are more than 2000 free themes available on its official website which are creative and attractive. With millions of subscribers and tons of active users, WordPress provides latest trends, upgrades and ideas for you and your business. Moreover, with widgets you can filter your comments, check author names, post dates, view number of comments, excerpts and thumbnails.

4. No need of coder

The plugins of WordPress are not disturbing as just by clicking on them you will be guided to the path of complex features of your website. With this system, there is no need for hiring a professional coder. This tool is there to fulfill all that your business design demands (a full featured e-commerce system or an ordinary contact form). Just check on the featured themes and you will get directed to all your prime needs required for web designing. In other terms, it is a very friendly and easy to use the tool.

5. Reliability is another name of WordPress

With decade old experience in hands, WordPress has gathered a tremendous amount of customer satisfaction and reliability. You can blindly trust this tool to craft your website or blogging corner. The open source of WordPress is completely devoid of any kind of commercial restrictions and limitations. This shield from commercial pop-ups signifies that you can use this software anywhere and anytime. Famous names like Dowjones, BBC America, Beyonce, TED, CNN, The New York Times are the famous names which rely on WordPress for web designing. Moreover, with this tool, you will be free from the nightmare that changes in your competitor’s business model will hamper your personal business assets. Thus, overall this tool with assured links and updates help you to design your website and blog perfectly.

How MilesWeb can help?

As mentioned earlier, WordPress requires an assured web host to stretch its wing of web designing. MilesWeb furnishes this web hosting interface. Their WordPress hosting packages are wrapped with pre-configured Apache, PHP, MySQL and other notable components. They furnish a free private SSL certificate for the WordPress website to each and every client along with a lucrative option to add a dedicated IP. Their web hosting servers are not only applicable in India but also doing well in the UK, US and Romania.

With great SEO service, easy availability of themes, widgets, and other editing features, WordPress is an excellent mode of web designing and blog creation. With WordPress at your help, your business will fly in full swing and success. Just select an appropriate and compatible web host and design your website with the professional tools of WordPress.