Top 5 Phones for the Summer

What are some of the best new phones to look out for in the summer of 2013? These phones range from the best new releases from Samsung to Apple, to phones like the Motorola RAZR i and the HTC One that are fast growing in popularity, and also include more basic, but still impressive handsets like the Nokia Lumia 520. These phones, while being great year round, are worth an investment for the summer months due to their excellent cameras, video playback, and screens for playing with apps. What, then, are some of the more specific appeals of these phones?

 1 – Samsung Galaxy S IV

The most recent Samsung upgrade takes what made the Samsung Galaxy S III so popular, and pushes these features to a new level; in this way, you get a larger, 5.38 inch screen, as well as 4G, Bluetooth, and a full HD display that’s ideal for watching videos and sending images. You also get a powerful camera, the latest version of Android, and a 1.9 GHz processor with 2 GB of RAM for a slick interface that can handle multiple apps, videos, and game play.

2 – Motorola RAZR i

This phone is one of the best mid range handsets you can find, with contracts available for less than £20 per month – while the RAZR i might not have all of the features of top of the range phones, its 2 GHz processor and 2,000 mAH battery makes it highly recommended, as does its 4.3 inch touch screen, which covers virtually the entire phone. You can also benefit from an 8 MP camera, the latest version of Android, and HD video playback.

3 – HTC One

One of the most successful phones of the year, the HTC One has a 4.7, full HD screen that boasts a 468 ppi density; running its own adaptation of Android Jelly Bean, the HTC One also comes with 4G, and can be bought with contracts around the £30 mark and above – PAYG contracts are rare, but you can find the handset on its own for about £500. Other notable features of the HTC One include its extended battery life, and a 4 MP camera that makes the most of the phone’s impressive pixel density for taking vibrant summer photos.

4 – iPhone 5

There’s no getting away from the latest Apple smartphone as one of the must-have handsets for the summer; the iPhone 5 comes with iOS 6, a 4 inch screen, and a tougher shell than the iPhone 4 and 4S, meaning that you’re less likely to suffer damage from breaking it. Although at the premium end of the market, an investment now in the iPhone 5 can pay off if you’re an Apple fan, and if you prefer the simpler style of iOS compared to Android.

5 – Nokia Lumia 520

Perhaps the most unusual smartphone on this list, the Lumia 520 can be bought for less than £100, and while more of a basic option, actually has a number of excellent features to distinguish it for this price bracket. A Windows Phone, the Lumia 520 doesn’t have a front facing camera, but does have a slick interface, a decent 4 inch LCD screen, and 720p video capture. Like the Motorola RAZR i, it’s the value for the price bracket that really sets the Nokia Lumia 520 apart from the competition.
About the author :
Rosette is a mobile fanatic,she is currently working to raise awareness of the  RAZR I .She likes to check out the latest mobiles phones and apps.