Top 5 Nokia Budget Phones

Nokia phones have always been known to provide quality at a reasonable price. Such an approach augured well given that the Indian consumer is price conscious. There are a slew of Nokia phones under and just over the Rs.5k mark. The following information lists 5 of the best Nokia budget phones that are low on price and high on quality.

Nokia 101


Even though the Nokia 101 costs only Rs. 1399 it still has dual SIM capabilities. This is an entry level phone for anyone looking for just that – a phone. Yet, this phone fulfills all basic requirements. What more can you expect from a phone that’s priced a little over a thousand rupees?! Being effortless to operate, the Nokia 101 is simply great. It is simple, and that is its greatness.

Nokia C1 01

This is probably one of the most inexpensive phones around. Priced at Rs. 1886, the Nokia C1 01 is for anyone who loves talking over the phone. You can stay in touch with your loved ones. But at the heart of it all, it is essentially a basic phone.

You can use this phone as a backup phone. For instance, you can have this phone in your glove box for emergency purposes. Being of solid construct, the phone can weather the travails of time even if it lies in your glove box for years together!

Nokia C2 03


Costing just Rs.3, 775, this phone is extremely affordable. Being a dual SIM mobile, you can use two GSM SIM cards. What’s more is that it is a touch and type mobile phone. There are not many touch and type phones that are priced so low.


Running on the Symbian series 40 operating system, this phone is touted to having the most reliable software. The phone has impressive specifications throughout. It is definitely a buy for someone looking for a touch and type phone within a budget.

Nokia X2 01


The Nokia X2 01 costing around Rs.3100 is built for fast texting and messaging. This QWERTY phone is suited for business travelers or for that matter anyone who likes to speed-type. The phone has a combination of new and old features.

You can use this phone more for messaging and texting. Otherwise, there are other phones by Nokia if you are looking for advanced features. Even then, this phone is a very good buy. At its price, it is too much to expect a lot of features on the phone.

Nokia Asha 305


The Nokia Asha 305 is a recent phone with a price tag of Rs. 4134. On first impressions, you cannot hide your excitement on this being a touchscreen phone. Supporting more than fifty six thousand colors, the screen is sharp, vivid, and colorful.

Powered by a 1 GHz processor, this device provides impressive connectivity features in the form of GPRS/EDGE, and Bluetooth. The phone has decent data storage of 32GB. The screen has inbuilt accelerometers sensors to orient it in any type of condition.

The phone has all the basic to advanced features that you would expect nowadays. This includes multimedia playback capabilities, Internet surfing experience, gaming, and lots more. The 1GHz processor performs exceptionally well. It is a really strong processor given this price range.


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