Tips and Tricks for Class 12 Biology Exam

Tips and tricks for class 12 biology exam

Apart from biology being the favourite subject for many students, it is also an important subject in class 11th and 12th for those aspirants who are choosing their career in medical fields. Those students who are preparing for medical entrances should have a solid foundation in Biology. Apart from the medical field other life science including geneticists, pharmacists, etc. also have large uses of Biology.

Biology is the natural science which is all about the life, living organisms, evolution and the natural world around us. It is a vast field, composed of many branches.

Every year the CBSE board will conduct its exams in the month of April, and as per the new updates, the date sheet for class 12 board exams is released and hope all the students are ready with their preparations.

Here are some important tips and tricks for class 12 Biology Exam:

  • Always be attentive and pay attention to the lecture. Maintain running notes and make a pointwise summary of every topic discussed in the class as it will be helpful during the exams.
  • As there will be a lot of topics to complete, do not waste your precious time. Prepare a timetable having equally allotted time for each topic.
  • Practice more by writing rather than reading because, by writing, the complex biology terms will be more clear.
  • Biology is a heavy course which requires multiple readings and revisions. Hence, revise the entire course 2 to 3 times a week before the exam.
  • Biology is all about diagrams. Practice drawing neat diagrams. Always remember to draw a neat labelled diagram as it fetches more marks.
  • Always start your preparations with easy topics as it builds your confidence and concentration towards the course.
  • Practice more questions from NCERT books, NCERT solutions for class 12 biology along with other reference books and study materials.
  • Solve more and more sample papers and previous year question papers, as it provides the exact model of the question paper, marks distribution, and chances that some questions may appear in the finals.
  • Biology is heavy on its theory, so, students can learn better by practising diagrams, labelling the part, etc. Long essay answers can be reduced to a simple explanative answer by drawing the necessary flowcharts, examples and diagrams wherever required. For example- Structure of a Human Brain. Reproductive system, Respiratory system, Digestive system, etc.

Last day tips for the exam

  • Never try to revise the entire syllabus on the last day. Complete all your revision a week before the exam.
  • Go through all diagrams along with their labelling which will help in fetching a good score.
  • Don’t waste your precious time in memorising and learning new topics, as it may create confusions and cause panic attacks.
  • Go through the important points, glossary, and synopsis given at the end of the NCERT textbooks.
  • Have a glance at solved CBSE sample papers and previous year questions papers.
  • Make a note of all important points in a sheet of paper which can be revised on the day of the exam.

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