The Ten Most Expected Android Apps in 2012

Android devices have become the order of the day. Their popularity and acceptability level is on the tremendous rise. Here are some of the coolest applications that will help you to have the best of user experiences and turn your Android devices more powerful. Most of these applications are available at free of cost.

Skyfire Web Browser

This web browser is most suited for Android devices and works at lightning speed. It is optimized for Facebook access and content sharing. It has a unique scroll bar to get access to videos, audios and other text messages.

SwiftKey 3

The beta version is just launched and could be the perfect virtual keyboard for Android powered devices. The artificial intelligence allows you to suggest words while you type depending upon the context and your previous typing styles.


This application is not free to download. However, this could be a great addition to your smart phone. It lets you to execute command over voice and action. You can quickly program your phone to play music when you insert the head phones and activate the Bluetooth when the mobile is faced down. This application really has the ability to turn your phone to a genius device.

android apps for 2012


It is a really wonderful software that will allow you to maintain the files properly. You can zip or unzip the files and make them password protected using this.


If you are a voracious reader and cannot keep yourself going without reading the news, these applications will give you the updates from the respective websites. You can quickly browse through the information by simply turning on this application.


If you do not like to install application for each publisher, Pulse will allow you to take information from multiple publishers and will present them in a pleasant and appealing manner. It has a snappy, clean and gorgeous interface. It enables offline reading.

Google Maps

Of course, every individual would like to install this application by default. It is a must app for all the Android devices. The indoor navigation feature added by Google will be of great help to the users.

Google Translate

Are you in a client meeting and do not understand their language? Do you want to learn a foreign language? Google translator will translate the content in the specified language. It will be totally fun when you start using the app. It is available at free of cost. You can easily turn your Android powered device into a language teaching portal with this.


This powerful application acts more or less like a diagnosis tool. It often listens to healthcare professionals. It contains the list of medical professionals, pharmacies and other important information that you might require in case of emergencies.

Dictionary and Wikipedia

Both these applications will be very useful when you want to learn new things. The original websites will take a longer time to be accessed and these two apps can be handy in gathering instant information.

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