The Journey Till 3G

The Greek word Telephone, tele=far & phone=voice, became a great invention on 10th March, 1876 when The Great Alexander Graham Bell said, “Mr.Watson, come here, I want to see you!” 🙂

In 1870, 2 great men, Alexander Graham Bell & Elisha Gray, entered into a cold war to invention telephone. Both of them independently designed a device which transmitted voice through electricity. But luck dint favored Elisha because Graham Bell had reached the patent office before Elisha could. Thus the battle ended & Graham Bell won! 🙂

Alexander Graham Bell, born on 3rd March, 1847 in Edinburgh Scotland invented his telephone at the age of 29. Then eminent inventor who is been given the credit for devising the 1st practical phone formed the Bell Telephone Company in 1877.

Elisha Gray, born on 2nd August, 1835 grew up on a farm in Ohio. Over the years Elisha had 70 patents registered on his name, the 1st being an improved self adjusting telegraph relay in 1867. In 1872, Elisha Gray founded the Western Electricity Manufacturing Company.

On 14th February, 1876, Bell & Gray both filed an application for their invention at United States Patent & Trademark Office, the respective applications entitling, “Improvement in Telegraphy” & “Transmitting Vocal Sound Telegraphically”. But since Bells entry was before Gray, Bell was honored the patent for telephone, United States Patent No, 194,465.

After 1876, many significant changes took place with this device, and in early 1920, the portable phones embarked, when the use of radios was been started. Then in 1946, the 1st ever official portable phone, was been used by the Swedish officers. These portable phones were similar to 2 way radio phones.

Cell Phones are marked with Generation. In the 1st generation, Motorola was the 1st company to bring in a portable phone in the market. Motorola DynaTAC which took 15years for developing had the dimensions 13*1.75*3.5 inches! 😀

In 1990, 2G came into the picture where cell phones became popular in public. These phones were around 150 grams. 2G was soon replaced by 3G where the cell phones have become a need of every human being! 🙂