The Consumer Friendly Aakash

Initially, when Aakash Tablet was launched, it had received an overwhelming response from the Indian population. Due to its ultra low price i.e. $35; the tablet gained a huge market in the Indian society.  But later on now, it is seen that, due to its low price, the performance of the tablet is also been hampered. The tablet market has opposed Aakash Tablet saying that Aakash has vindicated its specification at his low price tag!

Taking into consideration the issue of bad performance of Aakash tablet, the Indian ministry has decided to get into the matter and make Aakash tablet a consumer friendly tablet. The Indian HRD Minister, Mr. Kapil Sibal, who had launched Aakash Tablet, is trying to improvise the performance of this tablet. Mr. Sibal had addressed the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Jodhpur, to look into the matter and draw up the specification which would suit for the use of general consumers. On these orders, IIT had defined the tests for Aakash, which were apparently very the military level test criteria’s!

The test criteria at IIT included a test, in which the water resistance capacity of Aakask was tested. The tablet was placed in a rain chamber, where water was been supplied at a rate of around 4 inches per hour.

DataWind, the London based company, which has released Aakash with the flooring low cost, had a debate with the IIT. DataWind has opposed the test criteria of the IIT for Aakash. Sunit Singh Tuli, the CEO of DataWind, said that, the test proposed by the IIT were suited for the rugged military tablets, which are capable of functioning in extreme weather conditions, and these test do not make any sense for Aakash Tablet which is going to be used by the general consumers.

Sunit Singh Tuli also said that the specification proposed by the IIT were not included in the original tender document. A very rational argument by Mr. Tuli was that, one cannot compare Aakash tablet with $1000 laptops.

The Indian Government which was expecting revenue of more than 22 crore from Aakash tablet, has been received many criticism about the tablet. For the moment the Government has also waved off its attention for Aakash 2 Tablet, which was going to have a superior processor & better battery life!

As of now, the Indian ministry has announced that it is not going to extent the letter of credit to DataWind & it might opt for other manufacturers to manufacture better tablets at the same cost.