Teamfight Tactics Showdown tournament hosted by Twitch Rivals has JoshOG and Uthenera as its winners

Twitch rivals hosted the Teamfight Tactics Showdown for the first time from July 17th to 19th July. Showdown featured 64 streamers from all over the world who were competing for $125,000 prize pool. It was a two-day battle to claim the title of TFT.

The tournament started on 17th July, where participants were divided into two groups of 32. They competed against each other and top 8 from each bracket were selected for the second round.

On the first day, each participant played 5 games within the group and per round, four games were live. After playing these games, top 8 players went for second-day tournament.

Each participant of the top 16 had to play four games, where two games were live at a time. After completing their games, top 8 streamers were selected to advance to a winner-take-all game.

The winner among the top 8 won the best Teamfight Tactics streamer in the world and was rewarded with $5,000.

The whole TFT showdown was an exciting watch where streamers showcased a lot of strategies,misplays and close calls that left viewers hanging for more. It was a kind of a maze as players went through unexpected rise and fall but finally, top 8 players were strong contenders.

In the global finale, viewers saw Dogdog, Reckful, TidesOfTime, GN_GG, superjj102, NL_Kripp, Uthenera, and JoshOG battling out.

The final battle was between Nick “LS” De Cesare and Brazilian Hearthstone streamer.

JoshOG was the winner of the TFT tournament, what made him win is his strong Volibear pick. In the last game, he upgraded Voli to level 3 with a Guinsoo’s Rageblade and two Youmuu’s Ghostblade which worked unexpectedly fine for him.

All the players played fantastically with all their upgrades and selections and thanks to JoshOG’s volibear and Glacial frontline that made him the winner. When he won the finale, he couldn’t keep his excitement and shouted “number one”. He got $8,375 as the prize money while Uthenera got second place with $3700.