Team Rocket and Shadow Pokemon made a re-appearance in Pokemon

Team Rocket made a re-appearance in Pokemon Go after it suddenly vanished after its arrival in the game. Team Rocket along with the shadow Pokemon came into the Pokemon finally after a couple of teases over a couple of weeks.

Pokemon Go officially brings Team Rocket where it is a villainous team added to the game. Earlier, it was announced as update and now it is actually in the game. Players around the world have to battle them and capture their shadow pokemon. These Rocket team can be identified on certain shadowy pokestops where it will without any color, unlike light blue pokemon. It will be comparatively easy for players to spot the Team Rocket.

To fight with the Team Rocket, players have to spin their Photo Disc at one of the shadowy pokestops and it will challenge the player for pokemon battle. The villain will use the aforementioned shadow pokemon as its weapon. Shadow pokemon, unlike any other monsters, are pokemon with a dark aura. Each shadow pokemon knows the attack frustration. If the player defeats the villain, the villain leaves the shadow pokemon allowing players to capture them and change them into normal pokemon with stardust or “Candy”. In general terms, the player can purify their captured pokemon. In return, it will raise their stat and replace attack frustration with attack return.

Players are not sure what are shadow auras but as professors are tweeting, they are sure they will get to the answer finally. The new updates of the game provide an appraisal tool which enhances the view of the stats and potential of the pokemon. This feature brings the game out of its blurred line.

Other new additions to the game are Pikachu wearing Luffy’s iconic straw hat which is also termed as One Piece Collaboration Event. It may be a mere cosmetic change, but players are excited to hunt in-depth to catch all the Pikachu variant in the game. The special Pikachu will appear in the wild around the world until 1 PM local time on July 29.

Pokemon Go with its updated versions every month can’t stop to be alluring. For those, who are interested in the game, you can get it in the free on all mobile stores.