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5 Best Android apps to Make Free Calls and Messages

Is it possible to send messages, calls, Photos and videos for free to millions of users across the world? The answer is Yes. There are plenty of Android apps available that serve this purpose. Let me share 5 best Android apps with which one can make free calls and send messages, photos, videos for free to their friends. WhatsApp First ... Read More »

Top 10 Android Apps for Professional Photographers


Around 1838 or 1839, a French artist and physicist stood near a bustling street of Paris to ‘capture the moment’ unaware that the picture he was about to take will be remembered for years and that he will become a world-renowned personality. He patiently waited for over 10 minutes to take the photograph. Due to the shutter speed, the moving ... Read More »

Top 5 Android Apps for Medical Students

Android Apps for students

Let’s face it. Being a medical student isn’t easy. Fortunately, there are a number of apps that are geared toward medical students to help make their busy, stressful lives a little simpler. If you’re a med student who would love some extra help from your Android smartphone, here are some apps you should definitely check out: 1. MedPage Today It ... Read More »

Understanding Apps of Your Android

World has changed a lot and it can be measured through the quick transformation of a mobile phone from being simply a phone to a complete code of technology. Gone are those days when mobiles were used merely for receiving or making call and massages, mobile phones and now smart phones or as Android likes to claim ‘beyond smart’ phones. ... Read More »

Top 5 Benefits of Android Mobile Monitoring Applications

The cell phone has become an essential presence in most people’s lives. Life without a device is almost unimaginable as you conduct business, keep in touch with friends and family and make use of social networking sites in a big way. The cell phone has replaced devices like pagers, laptops and desktop computers that are being used for a bigger ... Read More »

Top 10 Editor’s Choice Android Apps

Besides helping you chill with streaks of fun and that of frolic; android gaming series excels in mind boggling variety of applications, which makes you learn and grow with treasured experience. Somewhere down the line, any series of application needs to strike a judicious amalgam of fun and reason; so that the user is both entertained as well as enlightened. ... Read More »