Significance of Screenguards and Mobile cases

Smartphones are not just normal mobile phones now. They serve many different purposes such as calling our contacts, saving images, videos, reminders and many others. In other words they are like small computers in the pockets. Moreover smartphones are not that cheaper. They are not affordable easily by everyone as they are costly pieces.

Irrespective of the cost of these phones it is always better to safe guard the screens from getting scratches on the mirror. Some people handle phones with great care and some use it very roughly. No matter how they handle such smartphones it is suggestible to always protect the screens with screengurads.


There are many screenguards with different brands available in internet shopping sites such asĀ Creekle. Do use screenguards of good quality otherwise it will drastically show negative results when we use touchscreen. Even after using screenguard the touchscreen should work smooth without any lags.

On the other hand great care should be taken to get the screenguard attached to the mobile only with the experts. They will clean the screen with the cleaning liquid and use soft cloth to properly remove any existing strains on it and then fix the screenguard carefully. If the screen is not cleaned before fixing the guard then it will show bad results with the touchscreen.

Along with the guard to the screen we need to protect the back side of the mobile with a mobile-case that is also available in internet. It is always advisable to use quality mobile-cases to prevent breakage to the edges of the mobile and also to the over-all mobile safety. Of-course everyone handle these sort of costly smartphones with care but there are some situations that arise unexpectedly wherein we lose the grip on the mobile either while lifting the call or while placing the mobile on a surface or even while talking to others.

There are so many mobile-cases available but I suggest to use thick ones and also foam ones to prevent jerks to the mobile when it falls from a height. These cases also come in plastic, fibre and leather materials. Depending on your budget one can choose the cases according to their taste and mobile color.

Prices of screen guards vary depending on the quality. They are available in the range of $3-$10 or even more if they are imported in nature. Similarly mobile cases cost range also varies between $10-$45. These are only approximate figures that differ from one site to another and from one brand to the other.

Some mobile cases also act as a stand to the mobile with which it helps us to watch our favorite videos, movies, images without carrying them in our hands. These many cost little bit higher compared to the cases that won’t support as mobile stand.