Sagoon – Connect, Share, and Earn

Have you ever wondered how much time we spend on social media and networking sites? Well let’s not get into the data, but the numbers are surprising. What if we could earn while sharing stories and chatting? Well, with a lot of people sharing more than a lot of time on social networks and e-commerce sites, Sagoon is a social e-commerce site and app that helps them to connect, share and get cash back while doing so. Information sharing, chatting, and shopping online; all that on the same platform sound a great idea and Sagoon has made it possible.


Sagoon has launched its first-ever mobile app for Android users with 45 MB size, on January 2018 in Delhi. It is not yet available for iOS users, but we are hoping to see that soon. Sagoon offers three features, My Day, Secret Sharing and Mood Talk. It enables you to share secret messages, express your emotional state and also organize your day in a fun manner as the tagline itself explains – ‘Sagoon is all about untangling your life.’ Let’s talk about its features and know what it can do for us.

My Day

Though we all have mobile phones now and we all can set reminders in our phones very easily, yet Sagoon’s My Day Tool helps us to do it more efficiently and conveniently. You can use it for creating schedules, setting reminders, planning holidays, creating your grocery list and even setting a scheduled meeting. It is a smart organizer for your professional and personal purpose. My day feature has the following tools:

  • Multi-Location Clock – Shows date and time of current and any specific location.
  • Weather – Displays the weather condition and temperature of your current and any specific location.
  • Schedule – Helps in planning meetings, assigning tasks, setting the project deadlines and many more.
  • Reminders – Sets reminder and becomes your saviour.
  • Sharing Calendar – Shares your schedule with up to three friends.
  • To-Do-List – Tracks project, organises your task and time.


It is a story sharing feature where you can share your thoughts, learning and experiences that you come through and want them to be voiced. You get 220 characters and three images to share your story. You can share it in an open category, and all your contacts can view your story, like or dislike it and even comment on it. If you don’t want anyone to know your identity, you can choose to hide it while posting the story. It also has a tracking feature with which you can check the number of likes, dislikes, shares and comments and even the cities and countries it has reached to. It has the following tools:

  • Create Secrets – Create and share your secret with everyone or privately with someone.
  • Attach Multi Images – Make your secret look attractive with the help of images.
  • Set Privacy – Hide your identity at the time of sharing a secret story.
  • Like, Dislike, Share or Comment – Like, dislike, share or comment on an open secret.
  • Track Secrets – See the number of views that your secret has got.
  • Hot Secrets – The stories that are trending.

Mood Talk

While chatting, most of the times it seems impossible to express our emotions with the person we are chatting with. We want them to understand without even saying it. Well with the Mood talk Feature, you can let your mood do the talking. For instance, if you are sad and you set your mood to ‘Sad’ then your contacts would be notified about that, and they can connect with you to cheer you up. Doesn’t it sound amazing? It has the following tools:

  • Setting-up the mood – Let the world know how you are feeling.
  • Group Chat – Discuss anything with friends in a group.
  • 24- hour Delete – Chats will be deleted after 24 hours.
  • Search Your Friend – Search your friend with whom you want to chat.
  • Diverse Mood Emoticons – Make your chat interesting with the mood emoticons.
  • Attach Files – Attach any format file in the chatting window.

Upcoming Endeavors

Sagoon is going to launch a Social Smart Card later this year that is definitely going to make them stand out in the competition. It is an online shopping card that you will receive automatically. It will allow you to earn and spend money, redeem coupon and also gift that to others.


Summing up, I can say that Sagoon is a promising app with promising features like Mood Talk and Secret Sharing. Social-smart card is also going to be one of its kind in the social networking world.

Download Sagoon Here