What is Retro DWS Heat Trace Cable System

If you live in the region where the winter is too much challenging, your plumbing should be the first casualty of the extremely cold conditions. The drain lines can freeze and cause a host of inconveniences. There are several options available that would help you go with an anti-freeze plumbing. One such solution we found interesting enough is Retro-DWS Heat Trace System. What is this technology all about and how does it work? Let us analyse in a finer detail.

What is Retro DWS Heat Trace System?

Well, if you want to stop the freezing of your drain pipes, you have access to a host of solutions. Keeping the pipe in a sloping direction is one of them – but it leaves a lot of chances to prevent freezing of your pipe. Then comes the cable system. You can use the heating cables either outside the pipe on inserted into the pipe.

The Retro DWS Heat Trace System is what uses the latter method. It makes use of a self-regulating heat tube inserted into the pipe to provide a freeze-free plumbing solution. It can ease out your issues with a frozen drain pipe, while it can also be used for a host of other applications like waste and sewer pipe applications.

Developed by Heatline, a renowned firm in the realm of heat trace products, the Retro DWS is one of the few (possibly the only) systems approved for use in the drain pipes. The system comes with a heating cable that is self-regulating and sealed inside an HDPE pipe. In fact, one of the best features that it offers would be that the heating cable can be pushed as much inside the pipe as you would wish to. There are reports that suggest using the heating cable by inserting it into 400 feet longer drain pipe.

What Benefits Does It offer?

Some of the features that it offers you include

  • It offers you a reliable anti-freeze solution for almost any pipe size.
  • You do not need to go for any additional electrical work to install them.
  • You do not need to remove your existing pipes as they can be pushed into your pipe systems without buckling.
  • They will never burn the pipe as they are properly
  • It works effectively whether you are installing it above the ground or internal applications.

One of the best options that we would love with the product is its complete serviceability. You can remove and reinstall the product without any hiccups. However, care should be taken that the heating tube does not hinder the proper passage of solids. This can be an issue if your pipe relies on a gravity feed system for draining.

The Conclusion

One of the best anti-freeze solutions for the extreme winter conditions, the Retro DWS Heat Trace System comes with 5 years limited warranty along with 10 years extended warranty options available. Certified by cCSAus across the US and Canada, the product is made from the chemical resistant HDPE material.

The self-regulating feature of the system increases the heat only when it is needed, reducing it at times when no heating up is required. It also features a thermostat that can even turn off the system when the temperatures go above the freezing point. This will help you save enough of electricity.