10 Reliable Android Emulators and Their Functions

Before smartphones were introduced in the market, game enthusiast rely on their personal computers and game consoles to be able to play games ranging from different systems. But now, because of innovation in technology, game makers were able to enforce their skills and are coming up with the idea of creating smart phones and a software that allows you to play and download games that you only used to access with your personal computers or consoles.

The Android market has been flooded with different free software likewise to the emulators. It is really possible to play and experience the gaming action experienced on these emulators on your Android smart phones. Consoles which ranges from Sony’s PlayStation to Sega SNES can now be played on your phones.

Though the absence of physical controls on smart phones is really a hindered capability on playing the good and old games, but with new Bluetooth technology gadgets such as Game Gripper, we can now play and experience the classic games.

1. psx4droid

One of the first PlayStation emulator on the Android phones is the psx4droid. This can be acquired in the Android Market. In order to use this emulator, one should have a working BIOS file of the Playstation. Disc images must also be moved on the virtual PSX ROM folder. Doing this, easy efforts can be forgotten quickly when you play your favorite PlayStation games such as Resident Evil and Monster Rancher.

The controls are can be easily customized depending on the preference of the user. Users can move the D pad anywhere or even in the top left which is the most comfortable set up.

Playstation games might be old enough for the new generations but for hardcore players a decade ago of this console, psx4droid can be the best recent emulator of PlayStation.

2. GBAoid

Everyone misses this very handy console. Game Boy Advanced can be one of the best and successful Nintendo console ever. But for now, software experts have already found out how to experience on playing your favorite Pokemon games or Mario Bros on your Android Phones. GBAoid is one of the fastest emulator which can almost be likened on the frame rates of the exact GBA. One of the best games like Mario’s 3rd Adventure can be played on a very good and lagless experience on GBAoid.

Almost all GBA games can be played on GBAoid without tweaks like the Pokemon Series. Users are also required to have a BIOS of the GBA in order to play games.

3. Game Boy Color Emulator

1990s kids almost forgot the nostalgic monochromatic Game Boy. But smart phone users can now enjoy thrilling GBA games on their phones. This free software can cater different games with fast frame rates.

The pesky ads from free Android emulators are also removed on the new version of Game Boy Color Emulator.

Controls are superb because you can almost experience the real Game Boy in your hands with this emulator.

4. SNesoid

Experience the 16 bit era on your mobile phones with this amazing emulator, SNesoid can also rasterize the old graphics of SNES games and play it on HD on your phones. But all games are scaled on a large resolution that fits on the screen. It also supports a very good audio source and controls.

You can also dupe on the games by adding cheat numbers on the emulator settings.

But one of the best characteristic of SNesoid is that everyone can play ad hoc via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

5. Gensoid

One of the best consoles back on the ‘90s is the Genesis also known as Sega Mega Drive. It also has a 16 bit memory likewise on the SNES. You can play Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog in this emulator. This emulator is also very fast and reliable. Sonic II runs very fast but still the frame rates are also restored.

Though, there are minor errors and glitches on this emulator.

6. NESoid

Experience the 8 bit games on this emulator. Very simple games like Super Mario and Donkey Kong can be played via Android phone by using this emulator. The original Mario Bros were first laid out on this console.

This very pixelated emulator can perform fast and reliable performance.

7. Marvin

This emulator caters the Sinclair ZX Spectrum console. This console was an alternative to the mainstream consoles back on the ‘80s. This emulator can play indie games such as Manic Miner, Deatchase and Head over Heels.

Marvin has an onscreen keyboard which allows user to experience the controls of the console before.

8. UAE4droid

Amiga is a 32 bit console which was played back on the ‘80s. The games of this console can now be played and accessed on UAE4droid.

This emulator has a touch screen cursor which is like a pointer for the emulator. Few games are running slow but you can enjoy Indiana Jones very well in this emulator.

9. Mobile C64

Mobile C64 is a free software which has a basic reloading files and some built in games. The controllers of this emulator can be modified from the built in keyboard to a single button controller.

Shooting games such as Grindrunner runs well on this emulator.

10. Atardroid

Atari 2600 is one of the first consoles which were released on the US. This console is known of the PacMan and Space Invaders games before. Atardroid has a very reliable controller and works very fast. This is simply one of the best low pixeled emulators around.

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