Phone Lovers Could Be Messed Up If Coupon Machine Was Unavailable

I do not know what I would be like if I went a single day without my mobile phone. I am even never ten seconds away from my handset. I believe that a mobile phone is a basic need. Please, do not tell me that food, clothing and shelter are the only basic needs we have. In fact, those are school theories. A mobile phone has grown to become part of humankind and as long as the color of the sun and the moon remains, communication will continue to thrive.

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I got a little bit pissed off when my Android mobile phone fell on hard floor and the screen crashed. I felt bad, terrible. I would miss friends from both everywhere and mom was not going to give me money to buy a new phone except for the regular pocket money she gives me for going to campus on daily. I would miss my WhatsApp application. I would no longer make Viber calls or use social networks like Tagged and Facebook. What would life really be like? It was already sucking and I felt lonelier every time I thought about my phone. I was missing conversations, chats and phone calls already.

You see am this kind of an easygoing guy who gets along with others naturally. A few days after my friends realized that I was missing on phone, they looked for me around college and asked me why I was for that long. My last seen date on WhatsApp at least dated two weeks ago. Did I actually live without a phone for two weeks? Uh! I am never away from my phone for even five minutes. I told them what happened plus the fact that I had little money to secure a new handset.

My friend, IT student and an internet addict suggested that we try some online coupons, which enabled people to purchase online at discount prices, usually about 25% plus off the actual price of almost 100% of items present in the store.  This sounded great. At least I could use this mean, with the saving I had accumulated to get a new phone. I would not be broke because after all, mom gives me pocket money every day before I go to college, and this means I could save more in the future.

My friend suggested that we redeem coupons from, the biggest coupon website in India. In fact, I learned that has been around long enough, has gained trust and is helping people to get items at discount prices. I am a fan of mobile phone, so I redeemed a 25% coupon from shopclues deals page and bought a new phone through Coupon Machine.

If you are like me, a phone addict and a closer friend to handsets, you would be gloomy, lonely and angry at the same time, just like me. I think Coupon Machine is going to change the lives of many people. Well, I know am in college, but that does not make me less human enough to understand the economy. Long live Coupon Machine.