Cyber-Threats Can Ruin a Small Business: Four Tips to Stay Safe

Cyber threat

Cyber threats have forced many tech companies to spend unprecedented funds into the security of their businesses. The fear of losing your data overnight or losing your company to a hacker can leave you in total confusion. If you are heartily concerned about the security of your company, you should put important security measures that will guarantee maximum protection against ... Read More »

Apple Secretes: 3 Ways Apple Gives Its Product Record Sales Success

If you have been studying the trends in the technology and communications industry, you will notice that of all the mobile phones and computer manufacturers, Apple Inc. makes the biggest sales. There are even cases where their products would be on high demand and sales would be so high that many customers would have to wait till new copies of ... Read More »

Why Are Some Carriers Pushing Subscribers To Upgrade Their 3G phones?


3G and 4G networks are common terms heard in advertising for mobile providers. Both promise high speed internet connections and reliability when compared to previous networks, such as 2G. Over the last year, some carriers have begun to push 3G users toward the 4G network. While it may seem like a marketing ploy, carriers do have a reason for the ... Read More »

Why your Mobile Phone Camera Is Better Than A Film Camera

Mobile camera

We are living in a world of technology lovers.  How often do you see people out and about taking pictures with their mobile phones, making the most of their SanDisk 32GB Micro SD’s?  It’s not just retro film camera’s that have become obsolete to all but a few thousands vintage loving hipsters – even digital cameras have fallen by the ... Read More »

ATab Tablets – Best and Must for Students


A cloud based education firm called Across World Education joined hands with an Indian, Delhi based company called Go Tech, to manufacture cheap ‘Tablets’ for students of schools and colleges. The tablet is named as ATab and comes along with a lot of educational content provided by the company. Features One of the major advantages of this invention is that it ... Read More »

Apple iPad 3 Wi-Fi + 4G Full Specification

Apple iPad 3

Finally Apple unveiled its latest and newest Apple iPad 3 which is four times faster with 3D capability and with a sharper picture quality. Apple lunched it on the last Wednesday with Full HD display with 3.1 million pixels and super new processor. The devices has been just announced and the releasing date is 16th march. the price ranges are ... Read More »

HTC One X – Quad-core Powered Entertainer

HTC One X image

HTC One X is the next smartphone from HTC, It is also known as HTC EDGE, HTC supreme, or HTC Endeavour. AT & T has just unveiled this smartphone in the month of February 2012 and expectedly release is in the second quarter of 2012. Its highlighted feature is its Quad core processor that gives you a very fast internet ... Read More »

Nokia Unveiled 41 Mega Pixels Camera Phone – Nokia 808 PureView

Tonight I m here to talk about something you won’t believe it. Guess what? It’s a phone from Nokia with awesome 41 Mega pixels camera. Surprised? shocked? Yes Its true, Nokia unveiled its latest smartphone Nokia 808 PureView at MWC which is having the giant 41 mega pixels camera. You can shoot 38 mega pixels in 4:32 aspect ratio and 34 ... Read More »