Secure your Android with Bitdefender

ANDROID, the newest & the most used word in the mobile world! Initially Symbian & Java were the king in the mobile OS but now Android has come to compete them! Due to several advantages, the smart phone developers are developing their newer units with Android OS in it. Hence Android is getting a lot of fame in the market! ... Read More »

4 Best Must-Have Awesome Gadgets for 2012

Gadget girl

Are you a gadget geek? Or you are just someone who loves to own one or two latest and new gadgets on the market? If you answered yes to that question, it means this post is written mainly to show you the perfect gadgets that is worthy of buying this season. There are many gadgets on the market these days, ... Read More »

SMS Flash For Android

Are you using an Android Phone..?? Are you addicted to playing games in your cell..?? Do you continuously receive SMS..?? Do these messages irritate you when you are playing games..?? Do you hate to quit the game just for checking the SMS..?? If yes, then this post is for you! 🙂 SMS Flash is a free app for android users ... Read More »

5 Ways Students Can Solve Their Problems With An iPhone

iphone helps students

Did you know that an IPhone can benefit a student? Well, there are many ways on how a student can benefit from it. Therefore, if you are a student and planning to go back to college, then you should consider having one. The reasons or ways that this gadget can help are: 1. It has a Wi-Fi internet connection Most ... Read More »

Find Best Deals To Sell Your 2nd Hand Phones

Cell phones – what do I need to say about it..?? They have become one of the basic needs of humans. With the ever developing technology in the cell phone world, the rosy dream of mans push button life has come true! And therefore the term “mobile computing” has come into existence! 🙂 In the cell phone world, every day ... Read More »

Amazing Apps for Tracking the 2012 London Olympics

london olympic apps

With the London 2012 Olympics just around the corner, you’ll want to be prepared for this spectacular, month-long sporting event. Fortunately, apps are available to let you know the games’ schedules, news, results, standings and more. Because I use a T-Mobile smartphone, I’ll be focusing on Android apps that are available in the Google Play Store. 2012 London Olympics Planner ... Read More »

Cool Reviews And Comparison – Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X


The much awaited flagship product of Samsung, Galaxy S3 is officially launched. The firm has big hopes lined up depending on the success of the product. The top brass management is very confident about the cool features present in the Smartphone and expects them to be the industry standards in the near future. This article presents a review and comparison ... Read More »

The Ten Most Expected Android Apps in 2012

android apps for 2012

Android devices have become the order of the day. Their popularity and acceptability level is on the tremendous rise. Here are some of the coolest applications that will help you to have the best of user experiences and turn your Android devices more powerful. Most of these applications are available at free of cost. Skyfire Web Browser This web browser ... Read More »

Android Apps for Learning Japanese

In recent times, learning Japanese has become very easy and this can be achieved just by downloading android apps on your phone. I’ve gone through few good apps that have helped me to get there. These android apps would be perfect for those who have just started learning Japanese. These apps are very helpful and can also be downloaded for ... Read More »