X Phone: Show The Difference

Apple and Samsung one with the its clean and real time touch features and one with the largest platform of selling mobiles, are not going to let anyone count over them on any feature, and are against each other to gain the market. But in this fight and competition they can’t forget others who are also there t take the ... Read More »

5 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Geeks


Christmas is already round the corner, so it’s the right time to start buying gifts for your friends and relatives. It’s not really difficult to find presents for most people, but sometimes it’s really hard to please geeks. If you don’t know what to buy for your geek friends, here are some interesting ideas that can help you: 1. Gloves: ... Read More »

5 Best iPhone Apps to Watch TV on the Go


Here is a list of five great apps for watching TV on the go, but if you prefer to watch movies, then consider the Netflix app. It does a similar thing to the five listed TV apps, but allows you to watch movies, instead of TV shows. Netflix is an app you can get for your iPhone which allows you ... Read More »

Draw Diagrams and Be Productive with Creately

Visuals are good. They are easy to understand and make it very easy to communicate complex ideas. However creating them is not that easy, especially if you don’t have the right tools with you. If you’re looking to draw flowcharts, business process diagrams or similar technical diagram types then Visio is a good option. But Visio is expensive and works ... Read More »

Buy Gadgets Online at a Discount

buying gadgts online

Those days have gone when people in India used to be vacillated to purchase a single shirt or even a toy. But now the trend has changed in a dramatic way. You can see people are so busy and excited in the purchase of anything; especially in gadgets and baby care products and home appliances online.    In old days ... Read More »

The Rise of Video Conferencing (Infographic)


Video conferencing has been receiving more and more attention recently as businesses look at ways to cut cost while still maintaining good relationships both internally and externally. More companies than ever have invested in services such as video conferencing, but you may be wondering how or if it is the right move for your business? Here are some reasons why ... Read More »

DepositPhotos – Review

stock images

Introduction If you are functioning a website or blog and really waiting for a sponsorship and searching for the new and fresh videos and images, or you want to participate in the contest of photography for winning the attractive prizes, DepositPhotos wants to be your sponsor. You can access to the temporary subscription through program for bloggers, which offers the ... Read More »

iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab – Which One Is Better?

This is a very popular question because of the many accusations that the design of Galaxy Tab is a copy and paste version of a refined design of the iPad. However, even if the Galaxy Tab has not been designed to copy the iPad, one must understand that the glossy plastic, and overall design, does make it look a lot ... Read More »

The Mobile Phone Spy That’s Selling Like Hot Cakes!

mobile phone spy

Is it a mobile phone spy or some products on a clearance sale shelve? That’s what my reaction was when I came across sales figures of StealthGenie mobile phone spy. Why the sales are escalating at virtually skyrocketing pace? Was StealthGenie really that good? There has to be some catch. And so I set out to find as much I could about StealthGenie. But I’d ... Read More »

Five Steps to an Effective BYOD Policy

byod policy

Recent studies have indicated that the vast majority of workers today expect to be able to use their own mobile devices for work. The bring your own device trend has several key benefits for organizations, including reduced costs and increased worker productivity, but it also creates security risks that many organizations have never had to face before. When multiple employees ... Read More »