BitDefender Anti-Theft: The Ultimate Anti-Theft App

Nowadays a person’s mobile phone has become his/her most important accessory! πŸ˜› It has taken the place of a watch, calendar, phone diary, and almost everything! πŸ˜€ And thanks to the app revolution, this dependency that we had on our cell phones has crossed every limit! 😎 So one can imagine what hell is going to break lose if one ... Read More »

Wearable Technology: Google Glass and the iWatch


Tech enthusiasts salivate each time that they hear of a new venture from Apple. This global tech giant still follows in the trailblazing path of Steve Jobs, with his goal of bringing innovative, useful, and unexpected products to the market. Similarly, Google has established an image as a company that streamlines existing technology into smarter, more user-friendly applications. The world ... Read More »

Gaming @ Vibox

Gaming – the best thing which has every been done till date! 😎 Life becomes soo pleased when you have a good game to play! πŸ™‚ At times, I could say that gaming serves equal mental pleasure like what narcotic drugs could! πŸ˜‰ You forget all the problems of life while playing the game! πŸ™‚ Really games are the best ... Read More »

Five Underrated iPhone Games

Every year there are thousands of new apps put out for the iPhone but many receive very little fanfare.Β  Some games like Apple Texas Hold’em Poker or Angry Birds get the accolades while others fall by the wayside to be seen only by the hardcore.Β  Below are some of our top five picks for the most underrated games for the ... Read More »

Exchange Hosting – The Business Mailing Solution

Technology is boosting up. Day by day, new things are seen on the web! The life is becoming easier.Β  Today while I was surfing over the net to find some good things about my business, I came across something known as Exchange Hosting! What Is Exchange Hosting? Exchange hosting is basically a designated server system, which serves your mailing purpose. ... Read More »

LG introduces the fully loaded Optimus L7II


How about a date with technology? A wonderful night out, cozy chit-chat, even before you sense that it is because you have an LG Optimus L7II in your hand, dreams start oozing out of your mind! This gadget is a special one as it has its subtle appeal that makes it stand apart from the rest. So, why not purchase ... Read More »

Blackberry to withdraw Product Sales from Japan

blackberry devices by RIM

Research in Motion, the popular technology company behind the Blackberry technology (BB) will not offer its new models of smart phones in Japan according to reports emanating from Nikkei Business Daily. The incident takes place after the company share capital went down due to market share loss to Apple. The Canada-based technology company, which is hoping the launch of its ... Read More »

Powerbee Solar Chargers – The way To Go!


Do you keep on forgetting to charge your cell phone at home? Yes? Don’t worry! now there are options available which might help you to charge your phone on the go even without electricity. This option will solve your problem of forgetting to charge your phone as well as help you to cut a little bit of electricity bills. As ... Read More »

Tom Light – Turn Your Ideas Into Thriving Business

Tom Light consulting

Everyone wants to run a business. All feel that, instead of working under someone, its better to start working for own-self, which will help in higher revenue growth! πŸ™‚ Very true, a businessman can generate more income than a salaried employee. But can everyone run a business? In running business a cake wake? NO! Not at all. I am from ... Read More »