Exchange Hosting – The Business Mailing Solution

Technology is boosting up. Day by day, new things are seen on the web! The life is becoming easier.  Today while I was surfing over the net to find some good things about my business, I came across something known as Exchange Hosting! What Is Exchange Hosting? Exchange hosting is basically a designated server system, which serves your mailing purpose. ... Read More »

LG introduces the fully loaded Optimus L7II


How about a date with technology? A wonderful night out, cozy chit-chat, even before you sense that it is because you have an LG Optimus L7II in your hand, dreams start oozing out of your mind! This gadget is a special one as it has its subtle appeal that makes it stand apart from the rest. So, why not purchase ... Read More »

Blackberry to withdraw Product Sales from Japan

blackberry devices by RIM

Research in Motion, the popular technology company behind the Blackberry technology (BB) will not offer its new models of smart phones in Japan according to reports emanating from Nikkei Business Daily. The incident takes place after the company share capital went down due to market share loss to Apple. The Canada-based technology company, which is hoping the launch of its ... Read More »

Powerbee Solar Chargers – The way To Go!


Do you keep on forgetting to charge your cell phone at home? Yes? Don’t worry! now there are options available which might help you to charge your phone on the go even without electricity. This option will solve your problem of forgetting to charge your phone as well as help you to cut a little bit of electricity bills. As ... Read More »

Tom Light – Turn Your Ideas Into Thriving Business

Tom Light consulting

Everyone wants to run a business. All feel that, instead of working under someone, its better to start working for own-self, which will help in higher revenue growth! 🙂 Very true, a businessman can generate more income than a salaried employee. But can everyone run a business? In running business a cake wake? NO! Not at all. I am from ... Read More »

Top 5 Nokia Budget Phones


Nokia phones have always been known to provide quality at a reasonable price. Such an approach augured well given that the Indian consumer is price conscious. There are a slew of Nokia phones under and just over the Rs.5k mark. The following information lists 5 of the best Nokia budget phones that are low on price and high on quality. ... Read More »

STEAM BOX – New Era in Gaming World or a False Alarm?

For long a period, consoles have ruled the gaming world. Sony were the pioneers with its Playstaion range, but Microsoft gave it a run for its money with its Xbox, also add to that mix Nintendo’s Wii. They all have their religious followers, who swear on their mom’s name that their console gives the best performance rest are all S**t. ... Read More »