Five Great Backup Services to Protect the Data on your PC


Talking about making sure your PC is backed up is much like the reminders we get to fill out our tax returns as tax season reaches its peak. We all understand the prudence of getting this done but put it off to a “better moment.” What we are unconsciously gambling on is that the moment of a drive failure or ... Read More »

They Personalise Emails While You Make Your Own Blackberry Case

Blackberry case

With all this talk of personalisation buzzing through the world of marketing, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s something new. Everyone seems to have forgotten that you could always make your own Blackberry case. Almost all at once, an entire industry seems to have reached the same conclusion – consumers dig personalisation. All it took was a few successful email ... Read More »

The Shift to Cloud-Based Technology

 Technology has changed the way the world works, the way we live and the way we do business.  One of the newly embraced technologies would be cloud storage. This storage allows you to upload and backup your files to an internet hosted storage system. Many people have seen the benefits of cloud and have begun using it to increase productivity ... Read More »

Work Smarter not Harder with Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar can be defined as a virtual to do list. It helps one to be accountable to dates and plans that have been decided in advance. Your work priorities become far more manageable with the help of an editorial calendar. The need of the hour is to work smarter and not harder. Below are listed some ways in ... Read More »

Why Laptops Aren’t Dead: 5 Things Your Tablet Can’t Do

Mom and daughter using Laptop

It’s a good time to be a tablet user. In 2013 manufacturers will ship more tablets than laptops. One of the main reasons is that many people have realized that they don’t need a laptop if they have a tablet. But this is not true for all users. Before you take the plunge and ditch your laptop for a sleek, ... Read More »

Too Many Devices? Consolidate with an Ultrabook

Ultrabook with Dell

Device proliferation has reached the point where the average consumer may feel the need to have at least two or three devices on their person before they can leave the house. A smartphone? Of course you need that. A laptop? Well, have to get some work done. A tablet? That sure makes streaming media a lot easier. What about a ... Read More »

BitDefender Anti-Theft: The Ultimate Anti-Theft App

Nowadays a person’s mobile phone has become his/her most important accessory! 😛 It has taken the place of a watch, calendar, phone diary, and almost everything! 😀 And thanks to the app revolution, this dependency that we had on our cell phones has crossed every limit! 😎 So one can imagine what hell is going to break lose if one ... Read More »

Wearable Technology: Google Glass and the iWatch


Tech enthusiasts salivate each time that they hear of a new venture from Apple. This global tech giant still follows in the trailblazing path of Steve Jobs, with his goal of bringing innovative, useful, and unexpected products to the market. Similarly, Google has established an image as a company that streamlines existing technology into smarter, more user-friendly applications. The world ... Read More »

Gaming @ Vibox

Gaming – the best thing which has every been done till date! 😎 Life becomes soo pleased when you have a good game to play! 🙂 At times, I could say that gaming serves equal mental pleasure like what narcotic drugs could! 😉 You forget all the problems of life while playing the game! 🙂 Really games are the best ... Read More »

Five Underrated iPhone Games

Every year there are thousands of new apps put out for the iPhone but many receive very little fanfare.  Some games like Apple Texas Hold’em Poker or Angry Birds get the accolades while others fall by the wayside to be seen only by the hardcore.  Below are some of our top five picks for the most underrated games for the ... Read More »