Onsite Connect Expert Remote {Review}

Let us assume a situation. You are at a remote location and are in dire need of a service for a product. Of course, you could be one of the experts, but still, need a second opinion about something bothering your machine. What would you do under such a situation? Ask for an expert, right? Well, that could consume much time to summon the expert to the site. How about being able to communicate with the expert remotely? That is what Onsight Connect – Remote Expert is capable of achieving.

Onsight Connect – Remote Expert – An Expert Solution

Well, the Onsight Connect Remote Expert is a tool that helps you with a fully collaborative option for collaboration between the teams and experts. In the service industry. It is live video collaboration tool with which the on site videos and images can be connected to the expert at the remote site in real time. Instead of opting for photos and then sending them to the expert through emails, you can work with the remote expert right from the spot.

You just need to launch the app right on your smartphone and connect to your experts at the office. The technology helps the workers at the remote sites to connect seamlessly with the experts online and address the concerns on the field quite rapidly enough. What makes it best suited than the traditional modes like video chat and conferencing is the fact that the toll can work in low bandwidth.

The software can run on smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart glasses and even on the specialised Onsight devices. The low bandwidth requirement is one of the features that makes the technology best meant for the remote areas like basements and offshore rigs.

The features that the service offers

Some of the features worthy of mentioning include

  • Remote Control option lets you use the site camera to offer the right kind of visuals and reduce the requirements for the on site training
  • Content sharing functionality will help you develop a better improve the knowledge base in a streamlined manner.
  • The software works in a bandwidth adaptive mode. That would mean the tool will optimise audio and video across devices even at bandwidth as low as 64 kbps
  • Support for practically any kind of device is yet another feature we find to be of much practical nature. The tool works on smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and practically on any device.
  • Onsight Remote Expert can scale with almost all your operations with ease.
  • You can bring in the guests within your collaboration for active interaction. It can be the best option to opt for interaction between customers and suppliers.

The Parting Thoughts

Platforms like Onsight Connect help you connect the teams from almost anywhere. You can effectively eliminate the challenges one would be facing in terms of time and distance when connecting with your teams. Apart from the Onsight App on your devices, they also have specialised Onsight devices built specifically for the purpose of remote assistance.

An excellent back end management has always been their expertise and you would indeed love the stringent measures towards the IT and security requirements for your remote collaboration needs you may have.