Create an Online Store without Any Problems Thanks To WixStores

Creating a perfect online store is a difficult task. It is not as easy as creating any other kind of website. You may think you need ample knowledge in coding and designing to make a decent online store. Or perhaps you think it’s not only knowledge, but also a lot of time that you will need to set up your e-commerce website and test it for any bug or issue. Another option is to hire professionals for this work, but they will charge you a lot of money.

In one case, you are losing money, and in another case you are losing your precious time.

Now, what if I tell you that there is an easy, do-it-yourself Website Builder that also lets you easily build your online store? Yes, you read that perfectly right. WixStores is a simple and extremely effective way to create an e-commerce website. In this post, we will let you know all the details you need to build your very own online web store.

What exactly is is one of the most popular and leading website builders. Founded in 2006, a DIY website builder allows a user to create his /her website in a few simple steps. One of the most remarkable features of this website builder is that if offers an enormous collection of fully customizable templates which exist in different categories.


This amazing website builder launched some powerful features like its HTML5 drag ‘n drop editor and its unique app market in the year 2012, thus expanding the list of exciting features offered by the company. proudly boasts of over 65 million users from all across the globe. You can get an idea about its functionality and popularity from the fact that over 45,000 new sign-ups take place daily for this website builder.

The website focuses on those users who wish to have a website, but who don’t have knowledge of (or don’t want to bother with) coding and HTML. comes as a rescue for these kinds of users and one can create a personalized website with his choice of features in a few simple steps. Another exciting feature of this website builder is that it offers integration of a blog and social media to your site.

What is WixStores?

WixStores is a simple platform for making an e-commerce website. It is a part of and helps a user create his own e-commerce website so that he can easily sell his products or services online. WixStores offers tons of features and thanks to its highly intuitive user interface, even a newbie can setup an online web store.

The best part of WixStores is that there is no need to have coding skills and still, you can create a beautiful e-commerce website easily. You can also optimize your e-Commerce website for mobile and tablet devices, without worrying about the code. WixStores offers all the necessary features of an online web store like a tracking number for each order, multiple payment gateways, secure checkout, coupons, etc. which are needed to build the perfect e-commerce website. All these features are offered under one roof which is WixStores.

How do you create your own e-commerce website using WixStores?

As we mentioned above, creating an e-commerce website using WixStores is fun and simple. You only need to follow the below mentioned steps and you will have your online web store.

  • The very first thing to do is sign up. Just visit and click on sign up at the top right side of the screen. You can sign up manually or using your Facebook/Google account.


  • Once you sign up for the service, you will be redirected to account page. Click on “Start Creating Now” and select your category and sub-category as per your needs. There are a large numbers of categories available on WixStores.
  • Next, select the template you like and click on edit and view. You will be redirected to a new webpage for setting up your website. You will see six editor icons for personalizing your website.


  • The very first button is for pages. Click on it and you will see a list of pages that you can make/edit for your website. Pages might include a homepage an about page, a product page, a shopping cart page, thank you page, etc.


  • The second button is for design. That’s where you can change the background, color and font of your website. You can even upload your own images for use on your site.


  • The next button is for adding elements like media, buttons, blog, social media, etc. to your website.


  • The App Market is the next button in the menu. This is where you can add special and unique features to your website. The apps can help you add in an events calendar, a comments section, a subscribers list, a form builder, and countless more.


  • The settings button allows you to change settings like site address, favicon, etc. This editor can be a useful tool for branding purpose and for helping your website gets found on Google.


  • And, the last button is WixStores, which is where you can manage your online store. From here, you can set up your entire online store, add products, and manage your inventory.


  • Click on the save button on the top right side of the screen and your work will be saved. If you like what you’ve done, you can publish your work. If you wish, you can upgrade your work by clicking on Upgrade now button while publishing.
  • Click on upgrade button and you will be redirected to pricing plan page.
  • Select the pricing plan as per your need. In order to sell online with Wix Stores, you will need to upgrade to either the E-Commerce or VIP premium packages. Of course, you will have to choose between either the yearly or monthly plans.



Why should you choose WixStores?

There are many reasons to opt for WixStores. It offers many exciting features including:

  • Huge Collection of Templates

Wix offers a vast collection of beautiful and responsive templates, which can be customized easily. All the templates are stunning in design and can be optimized for mobile devices.

  • Free Hosting

No matter if you are using their premium package or not, you will get secure and free hosting from Wix. So you don’t need to worry about any technical issues. Just concentrate on building your website or online store and will take care of the rest.

  • Simple HTML Editor

The best feature of WixStores is its simple yet powerful HTML5-based editor. It is a drag and drop type editor that allows you to do as much customization as you want. All you have to do choose, select and add, no need to worry about any coding.

  • Amazing Checkout Processes

WixStores offers secure methods of payment during the checkout process. The best part is that you can change the cost and tax rules as per your customers’ locations. All the buyers will get a confirmation mail after their payment is complete, thus establishing a trust factor and offering a safe buying experience.

Other features include:

  • 24/7 Support Center
  • Discount Code and Coupon Creator
  • Social Media and Blog Integration
  • Extensive App Market
  • Beautiful Product Galleries


WixStores offers many price plans for different kinds of businesses. The most basic plan for the small business will cost you $16.17/month assuming you choose the yearly option. You will get 20GB of storage and 10GB of Bandwidth in this plan. For unlimited bandwidth, you’ll need to choose the VIP yearly plan, which turns out to be $24.90/month and you will 20GB of storage in this plan. You will get free hosting in all the plans and all the plans come with a 14-day money back guarantee.



E-commerce is the next big thing for sure and has many aspects. It is a successful way for many businesses to sell their products, and will remain in the race for a long time. Creating an online web store by coding is a Herculean task but WixStores is the perfect tool, which can solve this difficult task with much ease.

No doubt, WixStores is a need for every business that wants to grow on the Internet. It is a must try tool, and you will never regret it for sure!