Online Card Gaming Is a Serious Business

Indians have been playing card games for centuries. Playing cards are so popular that they are inherently bound within India’s cultural fabric, being avenues of fun and jest. Millions of Indian families play cards daily; but card playing is especially prominent during Indian marriages, festivals and big social gatherings.

However, in spite of the daily lakhs of cash money being rolled across gaming tables by card lovers; playing cards never got the respect of being a full-fledged gaming industry. It was only under the wave of digital revolution that card playing got recognition as a full-fledged serious business; and amongst these disruptive forces emerged Online Card Gaming! Let’s go back right to the past to understand how Online card gaming got the respect it deserved.

The Beginning!

Global digitization was a blessing in disguise as Card gamers had the choice to either play real or online games. Digitization gave structure and global recognition to Indian card games that were on the brink of extinction. The online card gaming business today is a multi-million dollar industry, and in India it’s been looked into as a venue for serious business potential. This can be understood from the fact that in the digital gaming sector, a large number of startups who had invested in them are reaping rich dividends of their investments.


Digital Card Gaming

It would be arguable to pin-point on who exactly started digital card games, or which was the first game to reach the one million player mark. But within digital card gaming’s almost a decade old history in the industry; we can surely look at a few games that can be called as having being established footprints in an industry with strong cultural following.

Indian Rummy

Indian Rummy also popularly called as 13 cards rummy already had a significant fan following in modern day India. People play Indian rummy as part of tradition, and yearly Diwali parties involving rummy is something people looked forward to participating.

It’s no surprise that Rummy was among the first games to walk the bridge to being a full-fledged online game successfully. One big reason that attributed its success is that the game was already popular as a normal 13 card game.  Investors did not re-invent the basic fundamentals for the game rather they just changed to the online platform giving gamer’s the option of a different experience.

Digital Gaming Firms

It required some foresight and calculated risk taking by some businessmen to start a full-fledged business division for an online card gaming. Looking at the way new gaming sites are springing out one can only give hats off to these front-runners. They not only bore profitable low hanging fruits for themselves, but they laid fertile soil for others to follow.

It is in such circumstances that many startups started off and after fending off their initial days of struggle achieved critical mass and then subsequently made good profits. Each startup firm has its own methodology of defining success.

One interesting firm is Sachar Gaming Pvt Ltd. whose products KhelPlay Rummy and KhelPlay are individually designed to entertain particular audiences. Currently its premium product KhelPlay Rummy caters to rummy enthusiasts to play rummy online and offers online poker in India.

With over a million player subscribers KhelPlay Rummy has lauded itself as among the very best sites to play rummy online. What are its USP’s? An interview with its Head of Operations Pradeep Jain gives us interesting insights. He voices that KhelPlay Rummy’s business agenda centers on the belief of “Providing the rummy player a great gaming experience in the Card Industry”, and the firm’s status walks the talk in this regard.

KhelPlay Rummy is amongst the most rewarding websites in the country, players that play rummy games and tournaments at KhelPlay Rummy get huge rewards in cash prizes and gifts like  smartphones, tabs, foreign trips, 24K gold coins etc.

The Future

Industry experts forecast the growth of the card gaming industry to be exponential!

Why? Because in terms of player (market / reach) we are just at the tip of the ice-big of a the one billion plus population, and the vehicle that is going to help card games reach the important last mile fits snugly into your hand i.e. THE SMARTPHONE!