Offline Access Of Google Docs For Android

Are you an Android User?

If yes then there is great news for you. Google brought offline access capability to Google Docs for android. It means even in the offline mode(no internet connection) you can view the docs with the help of Google Docs, But there is a limitation, you cannot edit the docs in offline mode, To edit the document you need be connected to internet.

However, the offline reading access is good enough for android users. You can read various file formats such as Google documents, Google presentations, Google spreadsheets, uploaded images but file formats such as .pdf, .doc, .xls and .ppt. Google Sites, Google drawings, Google forms, Fusion Tables and collections can not viewed in offline mode.

If you remember then you might be knowing that Google Launched HTML 5 powered application for Google Chrome to view Docs in offline mode and now they implement the same for Android tablets and phones. But as I wrote above that editing cannot be done in offline mode was the same for Chrome app too, There also editing is not possible in offline mode. For editing internet connections is needed

Now Let me tell you the ways through which you can make any item available offline of you android tablet:-

  • First of all Open preview Pane of any item and then tick the checkbox which is just next to Available Offline.
  • or you can do it as, Open preview pane of any item then click on the menu button which is on the right of your screen.
  • or, Touch and hold the name of an item in the document list for few seconds and then touch Make Available offline in the menu.

Later if you don’t need offline acess for a particular item then just select Remove Offline from that menu.

Now make any item available for offline  on an Android Phone:-

Just touch and hold that document for few seconds and then touch to Make Offline in the menu.

So Guys, lets enjoy reading docs in offline mode too.