Nokia’s upcoming window phablet-a potential rival of Samsung?

NokiaNokia is planning to release its Windows Phone phablet.  According to reports it will prove a great challenge for Samsung Galaxy series currently enjoying high popularity. As rumoured, this phablet will be named “EOS Pure View”. Pure view means that it will be equipped with 40 MP sensor camera just like Nokia 808 pure view. As the confirmed specifications are not fully disclosed, we cannot say much about it. So best comparison can be made only one it is released.

Rival to Galaxy Note?

This can only be confirmed when it will release. However, as per current details known about this upcoming product, Nokia will compete with Galaxy Note more than any other mobile did.


Samsung’s till now note series only support max 800 by 1280 pixels whereas Nokia’s upcoming phablet will be able to support full HD 1080p display. As shown in above Picture Nokia’s this upcoming device will be the mixture of two devices “Lumia” and “808 pure view”.


Nokia’s upcoming phablet will be equipped with amazing 41 MP camera, whereas Galaxy Note Series is equipped with max 8 MP full HD camera. As you can see that if the all these reports about Nokia phablet camera are true then definitely Nokia EOS phablet wins! 

 Other Aspects:

This is not confirmed that whether Nokia’s phablet will be equipped with S pen like Samsung Galaxy Note Series, if not then this can be little drawback for this upcoming product, most probably, in form of sales

Samsung Galaxy Note Series again wins, if Nokia will not bring a change in user interface to its phablet or they upgrade their OS to windows 8. Another feature Nokia phablet is expected to lack is the feature of customizing home screen whereas Galaxy Note has dozens of options in which this thing can be performed.

It is known that Nokia window phablet will be of similar size to that of Samsung Galaxy note. However, it will support much higher pixel density of 511. This will make its display sufficiently great to meet the higher demands of different customers.


Nowadays we can see that almost every telecommunication company has released its big screen phablet, but in today’s world top ones in market are only Samsung Galaxy Note Series. Now as Nokia has made an official announcement about its upcoming EOS phablet, it will be the biggest hit in market and can give a huge loss to Samsung because of its expected great specifications. Price is one of the biggest factors in a Telecom Company’s success. People will prefer the one which is offering everything in the fewer prices rather than the one giving a bit higher quality performance on a very high price. So Nokia has to keep in mind that if it will release its new product at a higher price like nokia lumia 920 then it may suffer from heavy financial loss. So let’s wait for Nokia’s phablet before making any further comments.

Guest Article written by ewats and techieblast team.