New Trend in Gaming – Bringing Older Games to Life

It is certainly no secret that the end of the 1970s is marked as the beginning of the gaming industry as we know it. It began with simple games that involved paddles and balls with the simple notion of a tennis type of experience. We were wowed by the fact that we were now in control of what went on our television screens and how we were able to move the paddle from one side to another. That simple mind gaming practice has now become highly archaic with the constant evolution of the gaming industry.


Kids today will never know the struggle of dealing with fussy cartridges that would completely distort the screen at the tiniest notion of dust. They no longer even have to be tethered by a cord with the wireless technologies that we employ today, so the gaming industry has certainly grown to unbelievable heights when compared to its humble beginnings. However, we are now seeing a trend that is set to once again revolutionize the gaming industry for the new generation.

Pokémon Go

We have all seen how the gaming industry has been taking over by the ability to have your device with you at all times offering you the chance to remain entertained no matter where you may be. Mothers everywhere are now able to enjoy a quiet shopping experience that was never before available with the ability to simply hand your child your phone to watch movies on or entertain themselves with a game or two. The gaming industry is allowing everyone to be entertained at all times and we love it.

Pokémon Go is the newest trend to hit the gaming industry. This seemingly simple creature along with its many friends is hidden practically anywhere and it is up to the user to walk around to find Pokémon balls and the characters themselves. The greatest thing about this game is that it appeals to all age groups simply because we all have that inner child within us that wants to find something. We now have countless people walking aimlessly throughout the world searching for these mythical characters that all came from a game that was popularized in the 1990s that would ordinarily be thought of as old fashioned, but is being embraced by a whole new generation.

Is there Room for Competition?

Whenever you have a successful game you are likely going to have people looking to profit off of the success of the original. Although spinoffs will utilize new characters we will likely see many of these spin offs utilizing characters from games that were previously thought of as outdated. It is not as though these games are outdated, it is the simple fact that they have to be revamped to entertain the youth of today.

History dictates that eventually the old will be new again and we see this with the continually look within the fashion industry. We are also seeing this not only with the Pokémon game but with popular movies such as Pixels in which very old arcade games tear up different parts of the world until they can be taken down by none other than some of the original gamers themselves. The entire notion is ridiculous when you look at it from a realism point of view, but the now inception of the Pokémon go phenomenon, we can clearly see how these movies may become somewhat realities soon enough.

It was laughable a few years ago to think that one day we may be walking around town looking for a mythical creature to capture and many of us may have laughed at those that engaged in such frivoler, but it is completely normal to see a grown adult laughing while walking seemingly aimlessly and witnessing the joy on their faces as they come to find the illusive Pokémon character. With the trends in the gaming industry it is likely that we will soon be chasing characters such as Pacman and Q’bert through the streets of our very own city.

The gaming industry is an ever evolving entity and we are fortunate to live in a time where our imaginations are able to become reality through the online games that master gamers are able to create. The people of the world enjoy the fact that the everyday tasks that we are forced to endure are made a bit more fun by the inception of the imaginative minds of the world. Waiting rooms are more comfortable and even waiting for the children to finish their practices is a bit more bearable when you have something to do. There are those that are skeptical of the need for such games and the ever evolving gaming industry, but I say let each have his or her own fun as they see fit. When it is all in good fun, we all win.