Must have Windows Apps

The heading of the article would have been an irony in the past time that went with the earlier Windows phones. Now what? We have better and smarter Windows phones which can run any app that asks for the configuration that was not seen in any other Windows phone. The introduction of the Windows Phone 8 OS, brought a revolution in the world where we saw many apps emerging and people downloading them. What about the list that you need for your phone. If you have a smartphone, particularly the Windows 8 phone, here is the list of 5 must have windows app.



The app has been in the list always, from the most loved ones to the most missed. The windows platform has now introduced the “Instagram” app with utmost honour, and trusts the reviews, the app scores a 100/100 in the user’s eyes. The reason being the slight changes that have been made plus the interface makes the app a better and loved experience for the users.

The app has a totally different look with a new logo too. With the app you can just click and share pics as quick as possible.



Many people don’t know about the app. The app is the best video sharing app that you can get in the apps market, both in the android and windows. You can share, view and like the videos from all around the web.

The app has a very easy interface, which can be used by any user very efficiently. So the sharing of the video just got better.



Cloud storage is getting a trend that is taking the world like live fire. The BOX app has the same impact for the android users, not since we have the same app for the windows now. The all-time deficiency that we felt for the file manager in the windows phone can now be managed and properly used in the BOX app for the windows. Now, store the most important documents and other data on the cloud network and stay secure.

Six Guns:


A game that can heat you and your phone at the same time. The game sets all in the Wild West where, you as the player go for a wild ride on your horse and shoot bandits, and many other un-natural villains.

The best ever third person shooter game made available by any developer for a smartphone platform.

Angry Birds Star Wars II:


The Angry Birds Franchise has launched the app before, but the version that was released is a bit junk for the app lovers, so all we have now is the Angry Birds Star Wars II. The all new levels, the best characters and the fun are non-peril.

We have an app that has been rated the best ever, plus now the app has a whole new feature in which you can join the other side alias the PORK SIDE. Join the pigs and have fun. Download now to enjoy the rest.