Movavi Screen Recorder Review

Have you ever wanted to record a something on you PC screen be it a video of or just music? With Movavi Screen Recorder, you can confidently capture items being displayed on your PC screen. This screen recording software is without a doubt one of the most complete screencasting software that is currently available for users. In addition, the screen recorder is also capable of recording how to programs and presentations. With Movavi Screen Recorder, you can also capture streaming videos and music directly from your PC. To understand more about this application, continue reading this review.


Features and functionality

For the software to work efficiently, it must combine the following features and functions. Movavi Screen Recorder is capable of handling the following tasks:

a) Record PC videos

With this software, you can easily record any sort of videos that appear on your computer screen. The videos can either be program demonstrations, how to videos or even videos relating to adjusting system preferences. You can use your mouse cursor to reveal some keyboard actions. These actions combine together to make your video much more informative.

b) Save your recorded video

You can use the software to create a collection of some of the most exciting events found on the internet and save them. You can save most of your created video in a format you wish. The software also comes with a timer which can come in handy in many ways. You can use the newly incorporated feature to set the capture duration. This way you can take your break while the software continues to record.

c) Skype calls and online conferences can also be saved

The Movavi Screen Recorder works amazingly. The software has been designed in a manner that can allow you to record chats with your friends. If it pleases you, you can also record business meetings using the software. The tool is also capable of capturing audio files from multiple devices simultaneously.

d) Additional features that come with Movavi Screen Recorder

The software comes with additional features that allow the tool to:

  • Grab screenshots
  • You can save your videos in more than 180 different formats
  • You can also use mobile presets
  • Share your videos online

I recommend this software to all who need screen recording work to be done.