Capture Flash Video from a Website Using Movavi Screen Capture Studio

We all spend a lot of time watching videos and listening to all kinds of music online, but these music and video files are really large in size and they eat up our data pretty quickly. Most of the data among these multimedia content is eaten up by videos that we watch online. We all spend countless of hours everyday on YouTube, Vimeo and other video streaming websites that stream videos in various different formats. One of the many formats in Flash.

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Now, you can’t really just go ahead and start downloading videos from any website you want to. This stands true for all kinds of formats especially the flash format. If you ever wanted to rip Flash video from a website, then I am sure you must be knowing how difficult it is to do so. There has to be a way that can solve this problem right? There is one solution, and it is very easy to implement. You can easily record your screen while playing the video using the Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

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How to capture Flash videos?

The process for this is simple. You don’t have to download the video from the website. All you need to do is stream the video from the source on your PC and then you can start recording your screen as the video starts. This can be done easily with the Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

Downloading videos is a long process, and you have to look for unconventional ways in order to download the flash videos from the websites. With this solution, you can directly save the video even while you are watching it as per your convenience. This is useful in case of live streams as well where you do not have any recorded video available for download after the stream is over.

This process not only records videos in the highest possible quality, but it can also save your data because if you download the videos from source anyhow, the videos will be very large in size and they will eat up in your data quota and storage as well. With Movavi Screen Capture Studio, you can easily save the flash videos without any hassle.

How to download, install & use Movavi Screen Capture Studio?

Downloading & installing the software

Now that you know how to rip Flash video from a website, let me tell you where and how to download and install the Movavi Screen Capture studio from. After installing this software, you will be able to record your screen right away. Just follow the steps to install the software:

  • Just go to this link and click on the download button to download the software. You will notice that it will download an exe.
  • All you have to do now is to double click the downloaded setup exe file, and the setup will start in no time. After choosing the proper setup options, complete the setup.

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