Motorola Moto G – 2nd Generation

Almost everyone wants to buy small budget phones with good specifications; in that dilemma everyone buys unshapely or chunky devices, though they are not impressed with that and yet continue that. But after releasing of Motorola’s Moto G in last year, everyone came to expect small budget Smartphone’s. Moto G obtains a special image in the Smartphone market.

At the range of Moto G price, other Smartphone’s are sold with 4.5” – 4.7“ display, but New Moto G has come up with 5” display, by which user can experience big screen performance. The specifications and features of Moto G acquire a breathtaking choice to the buyer. The new Moto G starts with the price of £167.


Coming to the features of the Moto G – The primary camera comes with 8 Mega Pixels which can get a good quality in bad weather, front camera comes with 2 Mega Pixels which is good Selfies and Skype calls. The Quad-core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Processor runs the Moto G with good speed and screen resolution of 1280 x 720 makes the video recording a bit higher quality and converts into 1080P format. Moto G has also come up with 1GB RAM and storage capacity of 8GB/16GB.

Latest android Version of KitKat 4.4.4, Bluetooth 4.0 adds up more specialties to the phone. But in the matter of battery capacity, it should have increased, but however it comes with 2070 mAh which is quite more than other Motorola Smartphone. Everyone thought it would be with AMOLED screen, but it came with IPS technology.

Motorola knows how to make inexpensive phones and sell it with maximum rate, but somehow we compromise with some features, but this time Moto G – 2nd generation has got good expectations. The revolution of Motorola starts with Moto G and Moto E, now the company sets up again with the upcoming project in the following month with Moto X. Comfortably, I appreciate the great comeback by Motorola and survived the Smartphone marketplace with their good samples and inexpensive phones. Upgrading from Moto G to Moto G – 2nd generation, Motorola Company is proving the market that selling high profiles phones with low budget and to get success with it. In fact US will consider the first handset, but we can include almost all countries in the maiden dismissal.