The Mobile Phone Spy That’s Selling Like Hot Cakes!

Is it a mobile phone spy or some products on a clearance sale shelve? That’s what my reaction was when I came across sales figures of StealthGenie mobile phone spy.

Why the sales are escalating at virtually skyrocketing pace? Was StealthGenie really that good? There has to be some catch. And so I set out to find as much I could about StealthGenie.

But I’d admit I was more focused to find some flaw, any flaw in this mobile phone spy and perhaps project it on the web to balance the popularity that was on all-time rise. Okay, I was mean.

Much to my irritation, for the first three months, I could not get hold of any single flaw. Yes, there were some minor delays in data uploads but nothing fancy. At least nothing I could base a whole review on. So I waited patiently.

And finally I got hold of a flaw- as a user I got really irked up that StealthGenie mobile phone spydoes not support iOS 6. I was euphoric and just before I was to write a review bashing StealthGenie for not being compatible with iPhone iOS 6, I thought of doing a little research and to my horror, I realized that none of the mobile phone spy apps support iOS 6 because it can’t be jailbroken.
mobile phone spy 

I finally came to terms with my defeat and so changed my path a little. I resolved to write balanced reviews. I totally slam the all-praise reviews that tantamount StealthGenie to being a saint! I believe in writing a balanced reviews and calling spade a spade.

StealthGenie- Calling Spade a Spade!

It basically is a mobile phone spy that can be installed on smartphones of your kids or employees. It records and uploads all data on users’ area on the website where you can remotely access it. But it has some shortcomings, too.

The Genie’s Shortcomings:

  1. It does not support Symbian and Windows phones
  2. Requires internet connectivity on target phone, too
  3. Does not support OS 4.1- Jelly Bean

The High Side:

StealthGenie, on the high side of it gives free updates and 24/7 customer support. The features include:

  1. SMS, e-mails and chat logs
  2. Spy calls
  3. Record phone surroundings
  4. Web logs
  5. Multimedia files
  6. Geo-tracking
  7. SIM change notifications
  8. Trigger alerts
  9. Remote controlling apps on target phone
  10. Backup, delete and lock phone remotely

Oh well, I suppose this pretty much explains why StealthGenie sales are increasing by the day (over 100,000 clients as of now) because the exclusive features like trigger alerts and remote control on apps give you better mileage, reliable monitoring and foo-proof evidence that you need for effective monitoring. So while I try to figure any major flaw in StealthGenie mobile phone spy,you can install it with full confidence! Don’t worry- I’m on it!