Microsoft will Launch Windows Phone 7.8 on Wednesday

Software giant Microsoft is going to launch its next version of Windows Phone 7 Mobile platform, touted as Windows Phone 7.8 OS on 28th November 2012 i.e. on Wednesday, as mentioned by WMPoweruser citing anonymous sources.
The report mentioned on WMPoweruser doesn’t give much details, but it says that Microsoft is in plans to release the latest version OS this Wednesday. We have already gone through series of updates on the internet that this new facelift for Windows Phone 7 operating system will have improved Start Screen, and will have Bing-dependent lock screen. We have already come to know that the latest update on the OS will be able to keep the Wi-Fi connectivity live on the Nokia devices even when the phone in suspended mode.

Windows Phone 7.8 OS update has been actually announced in June 2012 and since then, Windows Phone 7 Device owners are eagerly waiting for this update. Although these WP7 devices will not have access to the features that are specific to Windows Phone 8 operating system, Windows Phone 7.8 would get most of these new features back to WP7 devices.

windows phone 7.8 home screen

image source: Mashable

In the latest operating system update, Windows enabled the users to select from three different sizes of tiles. Now, the tiles on screen need not be of same size. They can be of either large or medium or small size. These tiles can be moved around and can also be placed where the user wants. This provides much freedom to the user regarding the arrangement of apps. One can segregate all business apps at the top of the screen and all entertainment or personal apps at the bottom side, so that it would be easy for them to access.

Windows Phone 7.8 version operating system allows the users to get two small icons of the tile, if the user holds his / her finger on the tile for few seconds. A small sized circle will be seen on the top of the tile, and when this circle is tapped the tile will go away from the Start screen. That means, users can be able to remove tiles from their Start screen very easily. Small icon present at the bottom with a sign of arrow can be useful to resize the file.

Customization options on Windows Phone 7.8 devices will enable the users to customize their gadget in the way they want. Various kinds of color and size options will be provided. Windows Phone Start screen lock can be edited to suit the taste and preference of the users.
All these new features can be seen on Windows Phone 8 operating system, but not on Windows Phone 7 operating system. But unfortunately, there is no support on WP 7 devices to get WP 8 apps or settings. But the intermediate version between the two i.e. Windows Phone 7.8 OS will help the WP 7 users to get most of these WP 8 features to their devices. That is the reason why this update is very much important for WP 7 device users.

If the rumors and reports seen on internet are to be believed, Microsoft OS users can get update to the WP 7.8 version OS on Wednesday i.e. on 28th November 2012. Soon after the release of update, it would be made available at the official stores of Windows and the users can get their devices upgraded to the latest version of operating system. It is not known whether the company is going to provide update directly on the mobile, so that the users can get the updates just by connecting the mobile to internet and changing the settings.