Know your Toner Cartridges – the basics

Laser printers are the order of the day at every office these days. There’s every chance that you are already using a laser printer, or are planning to buy one. You can easily find a reasonably priced laser printer. However, you must keep into mind the costs of toner cartridges that the laser printer uses. Surprised? This article intends to explain you the basics of toner cartridges, so that you can make informed decisions about which kind and make will work best for you. You can compare toner cartridges with to select the best for you.

Understanding the working of the toner

Your computer issues signals to the printer, activating the laser rays which fall on the printer drum. This drum is electrically charged, and this charge attracts toner form the ink cartridge to the drum, precisely in the form of the image you want printed. Then, the charge adhering toner is passed on to the paper, and you have your printed output ready.


Colors of toner – understand the 4 major colors

If you need to just work with black ink, then a black toner will be fine for you. However, if you want your printer to fire colored prints, then you’d have to go for a corresponding toner. Colored toners come in three variants – cyan, magenta and yellow. It is always advisable for you to go for individual color toners. The simple reason behind this advice is that with individual toners, you can easily replace the one that runs out, rather than changing the combined toner even when one of the colors runs out. With this tip, you can save unnecessary expenses and begin your money saving spree in terms of smart printer supplies shopping.

The best way to save money – have your toner cartridge re-manufactured!

There’s nothing more cost effective than this option, if you are looking to replace your toner cartridge. There are several decent service providers who’ll do the re-manufacturing process for you. Here’s a gist of how it is done. Firstly, all the parts of the cartridge that need replacement are attended to. Then, brand new components are added when and where required. After this, through cleaning of the cartridge is done. In the end, weighing and inspection of the cartridge are carried out, before it is offered to you as a re-manufactured cartridge.

Apart from being light on the pocket, re-manufactured toner cartridges also give you brownie points for being an environment friendly citizen. Discarded cartridges take years to decompose, and are best used in re-manufacturing!

What are the other toner cartridge options?

Well, you can either opt for original manufactured toner cartridges, ideally the same as the one that came with your printer. Also, you can look for third party manufactured compatible ink cartridges, which will certainly be a lot cheaper than original ones. However, you need to find a supplier who provides well manufactured and compatible toner cartridges, with after sales support, as issues are always around the corner with third party compatible toners.