iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab – Which One Is Better?

This is a very popular question because of the many accusations that the design of Galaxy Tab is a copy and paste version of a refined design of the iPad. However, even if the Galaxy Tab has not been designed to copy the iPad, one must understand that the glossy plastic, and overall design, does make it look a lot like an iPad. The deep similarities in facade could cause confusion amongst consumers. Nevertheless the two articles are quite different and within this article, you will see a few ways that they differ.

Webcam Camera & Photo

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has a front webcam and a camera picture on the back of 3 million pixels and an LED flash. The iPad has a similar camera and similar flash mechanism but does not have the back and front camera functions.

USB port

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has a Mini USB port but the iPad has no USB port. The iPad is an Apple only machine, which means that only apple products will fit into it. Any item that you can use on a Samsung Galaxy Tab has its own Apple version so that you can use it on the iPad, but you cannot plug USB items into your iPad.

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab runs on the Android operating system from Google that allows you more freedom because it is flexible enough to allow multiple software developers to add programs to it. The iPad runs on iOS and therefore you are dependent on Apple products and Apple software. This is a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because the iPad/iPhones operating system iOS has more compatible apps than any other tablet device. It is a curse because you still are technically reliant upon Apple for every app. This means that if they wanted to hike their prices in a year–there is nothing you can do about it.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab with Android allows you to see sites that contain Flash (e.g. YouTube). The iPad is not compatible with Flash. This is a problem now, but the problem will expire because future versions of Android are also going to stop running Flash scripts. This is because Android and iOS developers have decided that Flash scripts use up too much battery power on hand held devices. The iPad has apps that allow people to view sites such as YouTube.

Dimensions & Weight

The iPad has a 9.7-inch (25 cm) screen. It‘s dimensions are 24.2cm x 20cm x 13.4cm. Its weight is 730 grams and its screen resolution is 1024 × 768. The Samsung Galaxy Tab has a 7-inch screen (17.78 cm). Its dimensions are 19cm x 12cm x 11.9cm. Its weight is 380 grams and its screen resolution is 1024 × 600.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab has two SIM slots for people with duel personalities. The iPad has a single SIM slot for the lonelier person.

SD card

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has a MicroSDHC slot. The iPad does not. The iPad uses its own technology for the purposes of saving and removing data.


Samsung Galaxy Tab can connect to a big screen via the HDMI port is on the dock. With the iPad you watch your movies on the tablet only.

Gyroscope / Compass / Accelerometer

The Samsung Galaxy Tab features a compass, an accelerometer and a gyroscope. The iPad is just a compass and an accelerometer. You can however buy apps that compensate for this on the iPad.

RAM – Random Access Memory

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has 512 MB of RAM as standard. The iPad has 256MB. This may seem like a bad thing but the Galaxy Tab needs more RAM because the Android supports multiple background processes and applications. The iPad is very rarely likely to run three programs/apps at the same time. This is one of the ways that iPad saves battery power. The iPad will not run multiple background apps and therefore does not actually need as much RAM as a Samsung Galaxy Tab.


Prices vary from country to country, but the average price of a Samsung Galaxy Tab is around $480. The iPad Wi-Fi or 3G costs around $400.

Which is better?

Each tablet device is pretty much capable of doing the same thing, but because the Samsung Galaxy Tab has Android it means that multiple background processes may occur, which is not possible on the iPad. This may be enough to call it the winner but we must also consider price. The Samsung is more expensive to buy originally, but there are more powerful versions of the iPad that run into the $900 price bracket. The accessories for the iPad must be bought from Apple, who charge quite a lot.

The accessories for the Samsung may be bought from many retailers, which has pushed their price down. This means that the Samsung also wins when it comes to cost. Therefore the Galaxy Samsung Tab is currently the better option.

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