HTC One S Review

HTC One S is finally here! This Android powered Smartphone comes out as yet another great offering from HTC under the ‘One’ series. Ok, I’m not going to waste even ‘One’ moment, so let’s directly dive into talks about the latest product.

The First Look:

Though product specifications play a vital role while selecting a phone, it is basically due to the looks that we put in efforts to even know about it. So, from the first look of this product, your mind begins to decipher things. With an average weight of around 120 grams and 7.8 millimeter thickness (now, I wouldn’t call it thickness), the phone just fits with style in your palms. The lower end of the phone has a slight curvy finish that ensures a firm grip. The rear part however is given a minimal design with a logo of the Beats audio, a neon-blue covering around the phone camera and the brand’s logo aptly placed amidst the two, giving it an overall matured look.

The Display:

The screen, lit by AMOLED screen produces nearly 16 million colors and offers a resolution of around 540X960 pixels, to give you that visual treat while viewing pictures, videos and more. The screen welcomes you with a bright display and that’s the moment you begin to feel, how cool this gadget is going to be! Navigating around menus and windows is quite interesting, thanks to HTC Sense User Interface (though it rarely lags). There are some pretty cool animations and transition effects created by the phone and surprisingly, the phone even supports a three-finger-based-touch-gesture.

The Battery life:

Now, HTC One’s battery life is quite commendable. It can sustain for a couple of days without needing to charge over a casual usage. However, the 1650 mAh battery will require charging when used massively like playing games, music and you know!

Apps, Widgets and other stuff:

At this point, I would say that HTC is smart. It knows what people use the most and often, such as social networking sites, apps, maps and much more. That’s why it displays the apps and icons in the order of their popularity. Furthermore, it also asks you whether you want to setup an account with Dropbox. This offer will provide you with a 25GB of storage space on the clouds, when you agree to open an account. Way to go HTC!

htc one s reviews

Value for money:

Priced affordably, the phone offers the value for money you expect out of it. However, like a day has dawn and dusk, HTC has its share of Cons too. You can often see some pixels getting popped up on the screen including app icons and the home screen. Also, some of the pictures taken from the 8 MP camera comes up with some visible noise. Furthermore, the interface sometimes shows a late response or at times gets struck. Well, these are negligible as long as you have Jelly Bean to the rescue.

Miscellaneous Facts:

 It has a built-in memory of 16GB and a 1 GB RAM

  • No external memory card slot
  • Connectivity through Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, GPRS, EDGE and USB 2.0
  • 8MP camera with flash, HD video recording with smile & face detection
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Beats Audio and a TV Output

One of the biggest advantages is that HTC ONE S is eligible for an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update.  So, overall, it is a good phone with some really good features and at a reasonable price. Thumbs up for the gadget!

This is a guest post by Lance Goodman of dishtvoffer, a site that offers savings and current information on Dish TV, as well as services.