How to remove PDF password protection

PDF file plays very important role in the workplace but recently, more and more PDF file have been encrypted with certain reasons. In order to unencrypted the PDF file, users need to download Coolmuster PDF password remover from the internet on the computer to help them read PDF file easily. The program requires registering before running on users’ computer. So users take note that it is the non register version in the “Status Windows”. Following the prompted icon, users can click the “key” icon in the tool bar and type the registration code. The program will automatically display the guidance of removing encrypt steps accordingly. By clicking the “open document” in the tool bar, users can select the encrypted files. To identify the file with encrypt, users can check the file names. If the file name is MrMv or Al9kfC, the program can tell users “File is not encrypted”. The whole processing for removing encrypt can be guided by Coolmuster PDF password remover. If the file is encrypted file, the program will prompt with the words of “This PDF file is protected”, and then “Do you want to remove the protection?” users need to click “OK” for surely answer.

The next step is that the program suggest “Save decrypted file as…” According to the questions, users need to select the location of saving files and set proper file names and then click “Save” as questioned by the program. By now, in the “Advanced PDF Password Recovery的Status Windows”, users can obtain the related information of “Protection successfully removed”. The processing takes only few seconds. It means that the program has helped users to remove the encrypted marks. Most important, users need to unencrypted files in the bulk as there is too much PDF file saved in user’s computer. The advantage of Coolmuster PDF password remover is that it is able to operate in batch and remove PDF password protection. Users can select more PDF files in the tool bar and then click new folder. The program can recognize all files in the list to remove the encrypted mark one by one. The shortage of the program is that it is unable to name the files in batch so that users need to rename the new files by themselves after encrypted processing is completed.


Coolmuster PDF password remover is used for Adobe Acrobat PDF that is under protected. These encrypted files are set as “users name or/and owner password” to protect files from editing, printing, selecting tex format and graph pictures. The program contains various functions in unencrypted processing such as recognizing the lengths of the file sname, boosting resources and creating new files besides removing the encrypted marks for the files. In viewing of the users’ feedback, Coolmuster PDF password remover is the outstanding program which is widely applied in the different version operation systems with the powerful functions to support the latest PDF version; it can also remove security from PDF document. It is useful and convenient for users to be regarded as one of the most important standby applications.