How to look for PG Accommodations Using has emerged as a hi-tech portal for realty business. This website has changed the way information in the property business is disseminated. Driven by the demand, has not merely provided the most basic needs of home buyers. It has also gone ahead and focussed on the specifics of the overall demand and yielded services which were different for different class of users.


To introduce more lucidity in the above statement, it is important to understand the categories of people who look for homes. There are of course those who are interested in purchasing properties. Such people are the biggest business drivers whose quantum of expenditure is the maximum.

Then there are those who want to rent out properties. This category is further divided into three subclasses. The first category belongs to people looking for homes on rent. The second belongs to those who seek commercial spaces on rent. The third category comprises of people who are at the end of the expenditure spectrum. These are people looking for PG Accommodations and whose expenditure is minimal. has created provisions for this third band of consumers as well. There is a special section on the housing portal for students and young professionals to search for hostels and accommodations.

How to Initiate the Hostel Search?

Take the example of a person looking for PG in Ameerpet. Such an individual merely has to log on to and select the option of ‘PG & Hostels’. There comes up the option to type in the name of the locality or landmark has to be entered. One then can choose from options ‘Boys’ or ‘Girls’ or both followed by a minimum to a maximum budget.

The results are listed in a map of the location (Ameerpet in this case) in a circular area of 2 kilometres radius. All the PG accommodations in Hyderabad Ameerpet within the selected budget are exhibited on this map. One click on an accommodation brings up its specifications.

A person can change any specifications from this screen itself. There are additional filters provided to further narrow down the search to yield the kind of property that this individual has been looking for. The properties are marked by genetic symbols for male/females/sharing rooms. Moving the mouse over a property icon shows the rent for that PG Accommodation.

The accommodation as well as the locality is rated using special housing formulae which help in easy short-listing. The listings with authentic stamp show photos which have been taken by the representatives and that these pictures are genuine. Hence the user gets exactly what he/she sees.

Additionally, all the specifications of the property are listed in the separate tab which also highlights all the details about the accommodation including security deposit, facilities available (meals, rules of the hostel and even commuting services). The facilities available in the vicinity of the accommodation are also highlighted effectively. One can choose the hostel as the centre and view all the amenities in a chosen radius.

The contact details of the landlord are also available here; as is the feature of short listing.

In Conclusion has been a tech start-up of students of IIT Mumbai. No one else better understands the need for listing PG accommodations better than students and perhaps this is why a special section has been dedicated for searching hostels and PG Accommodations.