How to Increase Your Online Store Profits



What’s the point of owning an online store? You could probably give me a variety of reasons. And some of those reasons would be very good ones, ones that maybe transcend monetary gain. Maybe it’s something you’d already dreamed about. Maybe you wanted to try something new, to challenge yourself. Perhaps you want to make sure people have a beneficial, environmentally-friendly product.

Whatever your primary reason is, there is one thing that is absolutely undeniable. An online store has to be making profit. The more profit you’re making, the better. I’m not going to say you should do everything you can in order to increase your profits. That would probably take you down some pretty unethical paths! But you do have several options on the table.

Try out one of these methods and see if you get some more profit trickling in!

Build a store app

I hate to admit it, because it’s exactly what they were hoping would happen. But when Amazon launched their Amazon app, I definitely started buying more products. It became so easy to whip out my phone and make a purchase that I found myself hesitating a lot less once something was in my shopping basket.

store app


When you have an app, you can also use push notifications to communicate with users directly. Look into professional mobile application development to get started with this option. Remember that user-testing the app will ensure that it’s of the required standard you need to get it on the app stores.

Expand your marketing techniques

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that you’re familiar with SEO! Search engine optimization is essential if you want more users to find you through Google. If your SEO game isn’t strong enough, then that can directly and negatively affect your sales potential. Other marketing methods like ads and banners are good, but SEO is where it’s at.



But if you’re running an online store, then the chances are high that you’ve already employed SEO! But are you complementing SEO with CRO? That’s conversion rate optimization. These are the tactics you employ to increase the likelihood that the users you gain with SEO will turn into customers. After all, what good are all those users if they don’t buy anything? And if you hadn’t considered filming an advert for YouTube, then now might be the time.

Look into getting exclusivity

One of the best modern methods of nabbing sales is getting exclusives. Getting an item that only your store sells, even if it’s only for a limited time. A popular example of this right now is exclusive pre-order packages for video games. Store-exclusive games console bundles are also very popular. Even if your store doesn’t sell games, this model is something you may want to emulate.



Consider getting in touch with the relevant manufacturers or promoters. See what it will take to get an exclusivity deal on something. And remember! If you get a reputation for providing exclusive items (even if it’s only timed exclusivity), then you can become the go-to store for many users!