How to do Online Shopping?

We are living in a world of modern technology. Gone are the days when we will have to go to the market to buy clothes or mobile phones. It is the time of e-commerce world where we have the option of buying stuff from the home itself. With more and more e-commerce websites coming up, the competition among them has proved beneficial to the customers. We have so many deals and offers that sometimes things seems bit fishy. In this post, we will let you know about how to do online shopping and how to protect yourself from getting cheated.

Things to keep in mind during online shopping:

There are few basic things which we need for online shopping. An internet connection, a laptop/PC (even smartphone will work) and a need. So, if you have decided which product to buy then it’s time to know its genuine price first. You can ask your friends to get an idea about the real price of the product or you can just Google it. It helps in getting idea on how much discount we are actually getting. Many e-commerce websites first raises the actual price of the product and then offers you the discount thus you will end up paying more even by getting the discount.


If you are a regular Internet user, you may see many ads claiming free coupons or big coupons like Askmebazaar Coupons etc. The very first thing you need to check is the originality of the coupon. Is it really a coupon or just an ad to attract traffic? After the huge success of Flipkart, many people are using its fake ads to earn traffic by showing you the ads of Flipkart coupons. You can check the coupon itself from the site. Just check the product mentioned in the ad and you will realize whether the ad was real or fake.

How to know if the product is original or not?

This is a bit tricky thing as we can only see the product in virtual world. However, there are many things which can confirm the originality of the product. The very first thing you need to see is the discount offer or coupon. Is it legitimate? If you think that the coupon is beyond the limit say 90% discount coupons or 75% cashback offer, there are very high chances that the product is a fake imitation. Only trust coupons which actually seems worthy enough. Like SnapDeal launched the SnapDeal coupons where it was giving the buy one get one offer. But since it was on their official site, it was genuine.

Reading reviews is also a good way of checking about the quality of the product. Read at-least 10 reviews before forming an opinion about the product. You can also check the ratings of the seller. Ratings and reviews are done by the customers and if you find more than 4-5 bad reviews out of 10, try to search for different seller or different website.

How to get the best deal?

To get the best deal, you need to spend a bit time. First of all, you need to check the originality of the product and after that you need to check as which website is offering the lowest price. Also keep a look on the discount and coupons, offered by the website. Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions before using any coupon or discount. If you are a first time user, go for Cash for delivery option as you will feel safe in this way. Once you are comfortable and can trust the website, you can go for online payment.

There is always an option of returning the product or asking for the replacement, if you got faulty one. Just because few people shared their bad experience doesn’t mean that every website is fake. Just give it a try with precautions and we are sure, you will love online shopping.