How technology has changed ICC World CUP 2015

Technology is used in all corners of this universe. Be it on the land of Mars or on the pitch of cricket ground, technology has taken its special place everywhere. In today’s post we will look how technology has changed the cricket world and way fans see it. ICC world cup 2015 is the perfect example to show this great change.

There was a time when the filed umpire has to take all the decisions. Be it the controversial lbw or perfect run-out, he has to take the decision just by trusting his own eyes. After that, came the era of third umpire where the field umpire can ask the third umpire to check into the matter. The third umpire will use the slow motion technology to check whether the batsmen is out or not. After that technologies like hawk eyes and in-line came into effect which helped in deciding whether the ball is in the line of lbw or not. This is not where the technology stopped. Technology is not limited to ODI cricket only, technology like hotspot is used in test matches to see whether the ball has touched the bat or not.


ICC world cup 2015 will be remembered for its usage of technology. This is the first time when the cricket matches will be telecasted in 4k formats. Yes, all the semi-finals and finals will be telecasted in a 4K format by Star Sports. There are close to 2.5 billion people who will watch this world cup in more than 200 territories. The ICC has given the broadcasting rights to many brands in which Star Sports is the one for India.

If you are one of those unlucky people who will not be able to watch live matches, there is no need to worry. As we said, technology has changed the way people used to watch cricket. Now, if you can’t watch a match, you can read it. Cricbuzz offers a ball by ball text commentary to give you the exact excitement of watching a live match. Apart from that, services like foodpanda are also cashing in at this world cup. The online food ordering service, foodpanda is offering an INR 100 off on each delivery during this world cup. All you need to do is to apply the code which is “CRICBITES”.  At foodpanda, you can get all kind of foods at one place. It is compatible with almost all of your nearby restaurants including subway, pizza hut, dominoes etc.

To give spectators a life time experience, ICC will be using the HD cameras to cover the matches. There will be 29 cameras for covering a single match. Apart from that, there are ultra-motion cameras, spider cams and drone cameras to catch each and every details during the match. Real-time snicko and LED stumps will just add to the beauty of this year’s cricket world cup.

ICC has also decided to keep the Decision Review System (DRS) intact as previous cup. The controversial DRS technology was also used in the 2011’s world cup and this time too, it will impact the matches. The rules for DRS are same as before. There are many apps which are also covering this extravaganza like cricbuzz.



We missed the special knock of 175 by Kapil Dev due to technical glitch and strikes. However, now the technology has taken such a special place in cricket that you can’t even miss a single ball or shot. There is no doubt in the fact that technology has completely changed the way we used to watch cricket.