Hostoople — Where Cheapest Shared Hosting Meets Quality

Well, no offence, shared web hosting is beginner’s choice! There are a number of reasons why newbie bloggers and other professional choose shared web-hosting service. More often than not, main reason is its affordability, ease of use and additional features that accompany. However, it should be noted that you have to select the best web host if you want to make your website or blog functional all the time! You have to consider several factors before you buy shared hosting from some companies, particularly because shared hosting is the most popular hosting category! Yet, you do not have to worry about choosing shared hosting service, as we have come up with one of cheap shared hosting service – Hostoople. In this post, we will have a detailed review of Hostoople shared hosting service, with a discussion on its plan, pricing, and noticeable features that are worth praising. First, as you will be looking forward to know pricing and plans first, we will have a glimpse on different shared hosting plans of Hostoople.


Different Plans, Different Needs

Despite the fact that shared hosting, in which resources of one web server is shared for multiple users, is made for those who have low budget to purchase, Hostoople has set up three different hosting plans to choose from. These 3 plans — Economy, Advanced and Epic — suit different kinds of professional. Now, we will have deeper look on to all these plans.

Economy Plan

Economy Plan is the basic shared hosting plan of Hostoople and it is available for a monthly price of $3.95. You don’t have to worry about exceeding bandwidth, because unlimited bandwidth is a noticeable feature of this plan. Also, it does offer a storage space of 150GB, which is more than enough for a starter website, even if you host some site-related files in server. However, one limitation of this plan is that you can host only two domains in your server. Yet, while taking these factors as a whole, Economy Plan of Hostoople is something great every newbie blogger or web-based professional should have a look at it.

Advanced Plan

As its name says, Advanced Plan is for you if you have a website with big amount of traffic. Although there is no limit in case of bandwidth, storage space offered by this plan is 300GB and you can use that storage space to host up to 10 websites. Thus, if you have more than one website with relatively high amount of traffic, you can go with this plan of Hostoople and you will not have to regret, we bet. Advanced Plan is available for a price of $7.95 per month.

Epic Plan

Do you have an epic website? A website that receives high traffic everyday and consumes a lot of space? Well, if you have an affirmative answer, you do not have to think twice before going with epic plan of Hostoople shared hosting section. In this plan, everything is unlimited, as you can host unlimited domains, store unlimited files and there is no bandwidth limit either. Altogether, if you need an affordable solution to manage your heavy-sized and resource-consuming site, Epic plan is the optimum choice you can make. This plan is available for a monthly price of $12.95.

Other Noticeable Features

Well, there are a number of features that await every customer of Hostoople shared hosting service. Some of them are as follows:

  • cPanel-based control panel lets you manage your web server with ease and simplicity
  • Add-ons and site-builders are helpful in setting up websites and blogs in short time
  • Top-notch customer support team of Hostoople shared hosting team is capable of solving your doubts
  • Top uptime and excellent infrastructure

Altogether, Hostoople is the optimum suggestion we have if you are looking for an affordable web hosting solution that ensures quality!